Single's Day: 8 Types Of Bachelors

Today is Singles’ Day and to celebrate this date, which can be as important as the Valentine’s Day for some people or a desperate day for others, we have prepared a special article about the kinds of singles. Check it out!

1. By choice

This type of bachelorette is one who loves a life without any commitment, who loves to go out and have fun, kissing who she wants because, after all, she is free and she wants to be like that.

2. Desperate for a boyfriend 

These are those people who absolutely do not like being single and they are looking for a partner at any cost, to live, often, an ideal romance.

3. Shy 

These singles, in fact, don’t even know if they prefer to date or not, because they simply don’t have the courage to talk to anyone or get involved in any kind of relationship.

4. Fixed date 

They are singles on the vacant hours. They usually relate to just one person. But if, by chance, that person is not at a party, they might do the same as a bachelor.

5. Narcissistic 

This bachelorette is usually so busy with herself and with all her self-esteem that she doesn’t have time to have relationships with other people. After all, she doesn’t even need to, since she has herself.

6. Picky 

Picky singles, unlike those by choice, don’t go out with the main intention of having fun, neither kissing as many people as possible. They are looking for a pattern and are very specific about it.

7. Idealizer 

They spend so much time dreaming about the perfect partner, shaped exactly to their liking, so they can’t enjoy the single life or have relationships with people in the real world.

8. Disenchanting 

The last of the types of singles is people who enjoy life without worrying about that detail of being in a relationship or not. While they are single, it’s fine. But if a special person appears in their lives, they will get involved.

What kind of bachelor are you?

Happy Singles’ Day and remember: regardless of the way you chose to live, the most important thing is to be happy.