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Single this Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas of how you can spend this day by yourself or with friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

The year passed by and you still didn’t find your perfect match? Don’t worry darling, Valentine’s Day can also be amazing if you are single. The time when V-Day meant crying over an ex is gone! From now on, this date is never gonna be sad, I promise you. Here are some different ways to spend this day and have some fun even if you are single. 

Mental Health Day

There’s no better time than V-day to start taking care of yourself, so what about a mental health day? Wake up early, go to your favorite coffee shop, have a hot girl morning walk and, later, take yourself out for lunch! Eat some really tasty food and choose some fun movies to put your mood up. When night time comes, pick a good facemask and read a book of your choice. By the end of the day, I bet you are going to feel like a new person! Don’t you all think it’s about time we start taking care of ourselves and loving every piece of us? I think it is!

Weekend away

Being in our town sometimes is too boring! A weekend away would be so perfect for some different type of fun. If you are a homebody, pick a nice hotel where you can relax at the spa or tan near the pool. If you are a party girl, choose that one city where the night life is wild. Either way, a good time is guaranteed! Sometimes all we need is an escape from life, you know? 

Cocktail night with the girls

Valentine’s or Galentine’s? Why have a partner if you have your girls? Hear me out, reunite with your friends and each one of you create a cocktail that represents their personality. There’s nothing more fun than trying to guess what ingredients were used and why it was there. Candy for sweetness? Pepper for spicy? I don’t know! It’s your time to get creative. I personally think this is a really good way to forget all the bad exes and get some laughs with your best friends!

Go on a date

We all have that one guy that is almost begging us for a chance. V-Day could be the perfect day to maybe meet your soulmate! I sound crazy, I know, but don’t take this idea for granted. Text that guy that is trying to take you out and give him a shot. Make reservations in a nice restaurant with good food and let the conversation flow. Maybe that boy is, in fact, the love of your life. You’ll never know if you don’t try it, right?

Karaoke night 

If you are a fan of music just like me, karaoke night is the way to go! You can pick a chill place where you have a whole room for you and your friends so the singing section is more private, or you can go all out and go ahead and sing for everyone. I’m sure you are gonna kill it! Anyway, it’s going to be a really amazing time to do some bonding with your friends. 

Although all these ideas are cute and fun, remember Valentine´s Day is just a normal day. It’s important to always keep in mind that being single doesn’t mean that you are alone. There’s always someone that loves and cares for you and, honestly, that’s all that matters. Being single means loving yourself over anyone else and that’s extremely beautiful. With that being said, enjoy your Valentine’s Day alone or with friends and just have a good time! I hope you all have enjoyed my ideas as much as I do. Now, I’ll sit here and try to decide which one of them I’m gonna choose to do. See you next time!

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The article above was edited by Juliana Sanches.

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