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Short trips by Sao Paulo State for holidays

2017 started with a whole new calendar, which (fortunately) has several holidays! To help you set up your schedule, we’ll give you some advices of places you could and should get to know near São Paulo and where you can go for a short trip, or like we say in Brazil, “Go-Return Trips”.



Embu das Artes – 50 minutes from Sao Paulo

Embu is a true home for artists: sculptors, painters and musicians share space on an enormous street market where you can find since leather products up to flowers and original paintings. Even if you’re not looking for something, Embu das Artes is an adorable walk.



Sao Roque – 1h15 from Sao Paulo

With old constructions, São Roque is a good place for the cold weather lovers. It offers some relaxation points, as intimate resorts, but also attractions such as Sky Mountain Park, with a “ski station”, cable cars and others. After all, you can also do the famous Wine Route there, meeting beautiful wineries, good restaurants and landscapes.



Beaches near Sao Paulo: Guarujá, Ubatuba, Juquehy and Maresias

It’s a pity that we don’t have beaches at Sao Paulo state capital, but you don’t need to go far away to find one! Guarujá (1h30) is one of the nearest and has space for all kinds of people: the surfers, the peaceful ones or those who like cheerful beaches. Ubatuba (3h15) isn’t very near, but is more reserved and has many astonishing landscapes and water colors. Juquehy (2h30) is a more structured beach, and also more reserved, but with so many good vibes! Last but not least, Maresias (3h) is a neighborhood of Juquehy but specially for surfers due to the huge waves.



Holambra – 1h45 from São Paulo

The colorful “city of flowers” doesn’t even feel like a place near São Paulo. Inspiring and totally different, Holambra has a Holland inspired architecture, besides restaurants that reproduce Holland gastronomy and flowers in every single place. It’s a charming, enchanting and even romantic city visit.



Boituva – 1h40 from São Paulo

For the extremists, Boituva offers a long list of different activities. The most famous ones are the jumps with parachutes and the incredible balloon flight – a good ride for families, couples or friends.



Extra: Temple Zu Lai at Cotia – 45 minutes from São Paulo

A remarkable, beautiful and peaceful place, Templo Zu Lai, located at Cotia, is a large Buddhist space with many gardens, meditation rooms and presents even lectures sometimes. You can do this day trip for free and it’s not necessary to set your visit.



Whad did you think about those holidays destinations?


Beatriz, known as Bia, is a sophomore, majoring in Journalism at Cásper Líbero University.
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