Share your Music: Listen to some Casperians' Playlists

According to the dictionary, music is a harmonious and expressive combination of sounds. What an expressive combination, uh!? Songs can really translate our feelings and makes us feel better.

We all know that music can transform and get better some moments of our lives, like parties, travels or a broken heart.

Thinking about that, we’ve put together here the best playlists from different casperians. Now  you can  listen to old songs and discover new ones according to your specific moments! Turn up the volume and press play!  ►

  • TO RELAX: Brasilidades - Giovanna Almeida

If you wanna chill out and maybe dance a little bit you can listen to Giovanna’s playlist with popular brazilian music and samba! Do you like Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben Jor, Gilberto Gil and other great brazilian singers? You gotta listen to this!

  • TO TRAVEL: On the road - Giovanna Bronze

Are you going to get the road? It doesn’t matter if you are going near or far, press the play and enjoy this lively Giovanna’s playlist to get into the travel mood! Lots of indie and rock are waiting for you.

  • TO OVERCOME A BROKEN HEART: Vamo superar o crush - Giovanna Bronze

Some breakups are really hard, but believe me, some things happen to others even better come up. If you need to send the love away for some time this playlist from Giovanna is definitely what you have to listen!

  • TO FEEL OLD, OPS… NOSTALGIC: 00’s - Yanca Lara

If you are between 18-25 I’m sure you know, not only all of these songs but how to sing them too! From Avril Lavigne to Linkin Park, please, have fun with this nostalgic session.

  • TO DANCE: Better work - Bruna Frasson

If you like to werk it on the dance floor with the best of brazilian-funk music you must have to listen to Bruna’s playlist, full of different Mc’s, Banda Uó and other artists who really know how to make you dance.

  • TO DANCE 2: Eletronic - Bruna Leinmuller

Do you like to dance another kind of music? Bruna has an eletronic playlist that can make you dance the night away. Are you at a “esquenta” or at the car going to a party? So listen to ir right now.

  • TO TURN ON: Olá - Bruna Frasson

Are you alone or with somebody else? This playlist can turn you on with fast or calm songs… you decide the rythm.

  • TO SLEEP: Para dormir - Beatriz Coutinho

Are you going to take a nap or sleep all night? Here you can find slow songs, from indie to classical and more. I hope you sleep well.