São Paulo And Museums: A Match Of Success

The city of São Paulo can be easily known by some affectionate nicknames of its residents, such as "land of the drizzle" or "jungle of stone". But it could also be called a land of culture, since there are many possibilities to visit museums, cultural centers, foundations and institutes dedicated to various forms of artistic and cultural expression.

There are few people from São Paulo who know the greatness of the city's cultural heritage. So we've decided to list some cool museums for you to visit and love. After all, it is not only in Europe that there is quality art and incredible collections.

  1. 1. MASP - Art Museum of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

    The heart of the city is not in the ground zero, in Praça da Sé, but in the famous museum located in the middle of Paulista Avenue since 1968, the MASP, although it was founded in 1947 on Rua 7 de April. With time and a spectacular collection, MASP has become the most famous and important museum of São Paulo.

    The iconic construction is a highlight in the middle of so many buildings, a meeting point and reference for those who walk through the city. Who has never said: "I meet you at MASP" or "I'm going to MASP"?. Also, the span of the MASP counts with the presence of handicrafts and gastronomic fairs and turns and stirs some artist making music there. In addition, it is the scene of public protests and political acts.

    If all this happens outside, the visitors do not know what awaits them inside the MASP. The museum has a collection of more than 8,000 works, being the most important collections of Western art in Latin America. The hit show names such as Renoir, Botticelli, Van Gogh and Monet, as well as the various temporary exhibitions curated.

    The ticket costs R$ 40, but on Tuesdays entrance is free.

  2. 2. MIS - Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo

    Located in Jardim Europa, MIS was inaugurated in 1970 and has been falling more and more in the taste of Paulistas. The Museum focuses on preserving artistic manifestations linked to image and sound, such as photography, music and cinema.

    The MIS collection has about 200 thousand items related to the history of the audiovisual, but the temporary exhibitions linked to the geek world and young are the ones attracting the public. Recently the museum presented exhibitions within this world such as the Castelo Rá Tim Bum, series showcased by TV Cultura, about the life of musician Renato Russo, filmmaker Hitchcok and Tim Burton, and the comic book exhibition, when the cat Garfield celebrated 40 years of life.

    The MIS counts with several interactivity resources for the visitor with the works, this makes the experience different and more fun, in addition the exhibitions present exclusive contents on the internet. The value of tickets vary according to the exhibition, check the website and remember: Tuesdays entrance is free.

  3. 3. Football Museum

    Another traditional museum in São Paulo is the Football Museum. Inaugurated in 2008, the space is focused on the history and curiosities of the most popular sport in Brazil. All of the collection is below the bleachers of Pacaembu, the most classic stadium in São Paulo, making the experience even more different and allowing the stadium to assume another function.

    The exhibition counts on 15 rooms that narrates in a playful and interactive way, with visual and sonorous experiences, the importance of soccer not only as sport but as a Brazilian cultural element. The visit costs R$ 15 and Tuesdays entrance is free.

  4. 4. Afro Brasil Museum

    The Ibirapuera Park is one of the most important spots in São Paulo, besides the vast area of ​​nature in the middle of the city, the park has several museums and cultural halls, showing a high cultural value.

    The Afro Brasil Museum was inaugurated in 2004 and is part of these spaces located in the park, in this museum we can find a collection with more than 6 thousand pieces that highlight African culture in Brazil. The exhibition is divided into cores such as work, slavery, religion, history and arts and features objects made by ethnic groups in various parts of Africa between the 15th and 20th centuries.

    Entrance costs R$ 6 and Saturdays are free.

  5. 5. MAM - Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo

    Another museum located in the most famous park of São Paulo is MAM, specifically in the marquise of Ibirapuera. The Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo was inaugurated in 1948, inspired by a museum of the same name in New York, and is today one of the most important art institutions of the city.

    The decade of the 40 was a cultural and socioeconomic landmark in for the Paulistas so the museum has such influence in the conservation of the artistic patrimony. Currently, the collection has more than 5,000 works by a large majority of Brazilian artists, as well as an extensive graphite in the external area of ​​the duo Os Gemeos.

    Entrance costs R$ 7 and Saturdays are free.

There is a lot of history around town that you can't miss.