Routine And Healthy Eating In Quarantine

Quarantine has had a drastic impact on the routine of several people, affecting even their eating habits. However, in particular during this period, it's extremely important to maintain the body's immunity and well-being to avoid comorbidities such as diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it's necessary to establish a routine and healthy meals in this period of isolation.

Working from home alongside with new domestic tasks has made the schedules less defined, contributing to the degradation of eating. Without a reorganization of routines and an adaptation of eating moments, people tend to become more tired and overwhelmed, in addition to harming your physical and emotional health.

However, don't push yourself to maintain a restrictive diet or a rigid routine. This is an exceptional moment that has imposed many changes. Soon, adaptations on healthy eating and more organized schedules will occur gradually.

Food Adaptation

Insert foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals as much as you can into your menu. Also invest as much as you can in natural meals, such as fruits and vegetables. When it comes to drinks, one option is to drink green juices or freeze fruit pulps, which is a practical and quick alternative.

But don't forget to drink water in a fragmented way, throughout the day, hydrating your body. Other foods such as nuts, source of selenium, and grains should also be present on your menu. As well as tomatoes, carrots and lettuce, which have fiber, vitamins and are antioxidants.

Maintaining a balanced diet will make your body more energetic. Quarantine can be an opportunity, not only to diversify and expand your diet, but also to adapt your palate to healthier dishes. Gradually try to have a conscious diet, don't just eat meals automatically and try to fragment them during the day, without overpassing the amount.

With people spending more time at home, alcohol consumption has increased a lot in several countries, which led to a warning from the World Health Organization. Alcoholic beverages decrease the immune system's response, so it's good to avoid drinking them regularly. Also, try not to fall into the routine of eating ultra-processed foods, always industrialized. Even if these are quick and easy ways to eat, they can cause high levels of cholesterol and blood glucose.


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The routine during quarantine is directly linked to health, since the messy hours can cause an accumulation of tasks, generating anxiety and stress. We should try to keep the routine as close as it was before the pandemic. 

It means keeping your regular work hours when working from home, including your breaks. Also, set aside weekends and a few hours of the day for leisure, like reading a book, watching movies or doing meditation. Also set days and times to do housework and physical activities.

It's also important to keep a sleep routine. It's not because you are at home that you should sleep and wake up later, this will make your day shorter and less productive, consequently you will be more tired and with the feeling that things are getting out of control, damaging your routine.

At dinner, try to avoid disturbing sleep and prioritize lighter foods. Later at night, you can have some tea or yogurt. This way, your body will be more relaxed and your sleep will have a better quality. Organizing and following the schedules of your routine will leave more extra time for you to invest in new projects. For example, learning new healthy recipes that are practical and delicious.


The article above was edited by Thays Avila.

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