Rock N' Roll, São Paulo: Visit Rock Gallery

If you live in São Paulo, like rock (no matter the subgenre) and never went to Galeria do Rock, we'll take the República subway line now to go there! The building was founded in 1962, but only a few people know that it was not born as Galeria do Rock (Rock Gallery), but rather as an ordinary gallery, at downtown, as well as other shops with clothing and electronics.

The first store of its kind was the punk Wop Bop, but with punks, skinheads and headbangers fighting there all the time, the local administration banned rock/punk-themed stores from settling there. In the 1980s, some vinyl record stores began to pop up around the place, bringing rockers, punks, metal workers and rappers back to Av. São João, number 439.

At the moment, the Gallery caters to all types of public. Besides the traditional rockers, punks, metal workers and rappers, the space also receives emos, goths, nerds, lovers of pop culture and even those who look for esoterism related to witchcraft. The place operates from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6:30 PM and Saturdays until 6 PM. Thinking about it, we made a list of cool stores that you can find there, check it out:

  • Blonder Rock

Located on the first floor of the Gallery, Blonder Rock sells band t-shirts and has plenty of variety, sizes and types. There you will also find tank tops, belts, mugs, necklaces, patches and more. Prices are very affordable, between R$25 and R$50.

  • Santa Hell

Santa Hell is on the second floor of the Gallery and also sells clothing, from T-shirts to dresses, but here the focus is not necessarily bands. The prints range from pop culture items to funny illustrations and phrases. You will find parts starting at R$40.

  • Ideologia Rockwear

Want to release the goth that exists inside you? Then come to Rockwear Ideology. The store is on the second floor of the Gallery and here you will find corsets, vinyl and leather skirts, jackets, different bras, chokers and more. Most corsets, the most sought-after piece, cost from R$100.

  • K.O! Anime

K.O! Anime is on the third floor and if you are looking for objects related to pop and oriental culture, you should go straight there. Here you will find Pokémon plushes, Harry Potter saga wands, Star Wars dolls, some T-shirts and sweatshirts, many pins, mugs and necklaces.

  • Vilela Boots & Shoes

Here in Vilela you will find incredible and quality cothurnus to be the next Amy Lee. You will also find boots, creepers, doll shoes, handbags and backpacks. There is a huge variety of shoes, but the cothurnus are the most sought-after and cost around R$250 to R$400.

  • Rock & Burguer

Did you walk a lot and get hungry? The Rock & Burguer is on the first floor of the Gallery and is always packed. Here you will find hamburgers, beirut, juices, national and imported beers, potato chips, provolone cheese and many more delicious things. With R$10 you can eat a good hamburger.