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Riverdale Season 4: What To Expect

In the fourth and new season, which debuted on Warner Channel on Wednesday (9), simultaneously with the United States, Riverdale‘s characters are focused on applying to colleges and living their last days in high school. The third season of the series ended in a shocking way and with major changes, such as which will resonate in this next season.

If you have not seen the third season of Riverdale, stop reading now, this text contains spoilers.

Dean Buscher/The CW

With the search for the reign of terror, King Gargoyle haunted the city along with the Black Bean during the past season. Our researchers, the favorite quartet, try to unravel the mystery and ended up going back to a macabre dinner and a lethal treasure hunt. Shocked by the discovery of the villains, the city seemed safe, but in Riverdale nothing is normal.

The farm community is also a problem for young people. The cult led by Edgar (Chad Michael Murray) settled in the home of the Serena Misericórdia Sisters, and made the minds of people to join them, practicing mystical and supernatural ceremonies. The dark side of the city still prevails, in the last episodes it shows the disappearance of all members of the farm and that Alice Cooper (Madchen Amock), was infiltrated by the FBI to overthrow it.

As the lull never lasts, a flashforward shows Betty (Lili Reinhart), Archie (K.J. Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) burning their clothes and Jughead’s iconic hat (Cole Sprouse). The next scene shows the members promising never to comment on that night again. The fourth season of the series guarantees answers to the great mysteries left previously.

The beginning of this phase will be divided into two parts. The first episode, will have a prominent title “In Memorian” and will be a great tribute to the late actor Luke Perry, who plays Fred Andrews. Because of what happened your character will have to leave the series, so prepare the tissues because it will be exciting.

The plot of this season of Riverdale will be more focused on the four friends, as they tell their story provide. Together, they reach their senior year at Riverdale High School and will be fully dedicated to the life changes of Archie and his friends. And yet, he wants to deal with the remains of the fateful game Gryphons & Gargoyle.


The article above was edited by Helena Leite.

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