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‘Young Royals’ Season 2 Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

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Young Royals are back on Netflix with more rivalry, secrets, and complex relationships!

After the heartbreaking “Merry Christmas” from Simon (Omar Rudberg), Young Royals is back for its second season. With 6 new episodes, we are back at Hillerska to see what will happen to Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding), Simon, and the crown.


The first season delivered a narrative already common to the public. The LGBTQIA+ character who falls in love with the ‘not sure about his sexuality one, with the difference of a royalty backstory, since Wilhelm is the second to the throne of Sweden. It’s an easy story to work with and Netflix manages to do it pretty well.

In this second season, we are able to watch more deeply the characters. With the whole drama introduced in season 1, now there is space for more original dynamics: which are not really original but very entertaining.

gaytimes on Instagram: “👑 Welcome to their kingdom 👑⁠”

The rivalry between Wilhelm and August (Malte Gårdinger) set the tone very high. The best part of it is how well the fights are balanced between the royalty and the teenagers’ actions they make, creating a way for the young people to identify with the series but without forgetting that in the end, they are fighting to be the King of a nation.

Another character who deserves to be mentioned is Sara (Frida Argento), Simon’s sister. After blackmailing a boy, we watch her falling for him. She is a really complex character – and it is probably what makes her one of the best in this season –, her actions are not reliable or ethical, so at the same time, you are hating her and trying to understand her side.

There was a promise of a romantic triangle between the male leads and a new boy called Marcus (Tommy Wättring), but what should make the fans confused about what the couple support only delivered a bad placed relationship plot which is almost toxic for Simon.

The ending of this season is a really good way to finish a TV show which doesn’t have another season confirmed; with the amount of information they gave the fans during the season plus the final scene, at the same time Netflix can call it quits and let the people imagine what comes next in the history, but they still have what work with for a possible third season.

With only six episodes, Young Royals really catch your attention and do a great job of creating an enthusiastic story from a popular plot. The pace is great and by the end, you feel you know everything you should know.

Even with the very common plot, Young Royals keep proving how good it can be when made the right way.


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo. 

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