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Review: “A Vida Após O Tombo” & The Reconstruction Of BBB21’s “Villain”

Karol Conká is a brazilian rapper who took part on the newest edition of the Brazilian reality show Big Brother Brazil. Known for her strong and hard going reputation, Karol starred lots of markable moments during the edition. 

The brazilian rapper had the goal of showing up her music and collecting fans during the program, but things didn't go really well. For sure Karol got the attention of the public, but not in a good way. She showed a really cruel personality, becoming the villain of the edition. 

With the featuring of other participants of the reality show, the documentary has the purpose of showing up what is going on Karol's mind after her - to be forgotten -  participation. With short and redundant episodes, the rapper tries to convince the audience that she was going through an outbreak caused by the pressure of the exposing.  And here is the question: is she good at convincing people as she is good at causing chaos in others' lifes?

O "cancelamento" (the "cancellation")

The first episode is full of scenes that try to show up a human side of Karol. After her elimination at the reality - where she got 99,17% of rejection -  the rapper was being fully lynched on social media. The anger and hate after her took a startling proportion, achieving levels where her family was being threatened. For sure Conká showed a disturbing personality, but all the hate and shade thrown after her achieved disproportionate levels.

According to KondZilla, musical producer, people were throwing shade at Conká just to achieve high levels of engagement. On the other hand, Cadelis, Karol's ex-husband, made clear by saying "these things that the public saw, it's basically her in her daily life. The pressure maximized her explosive side". 

This episode brings a crucial doubt: which one is the real Karol Conká, the BBB21 or the documentary one?

Realidade (reality)

The professional side of Karol takes space now, where we are introduced to her beginning at the music industry. She demonstrated a very strict and demanding side by the way she dealt with her team decisions while confinnating. Using some authoritarian words, Conká made clear her attachment and concern about her career. The episode counts with the participation of Ana Maria, the singer's mother,  who revealed that Karol didn't have any family support, fact that explains why the singer is so attached to her reputation.

Conká is also known for some polemics that surround her. While she was growing up inside the industry, the rapper started to collect some enmities. Nathy Mc and Flora Matos are mentioned as examples. Apparently, her ego grew up together with her career.

Ruptura (break)

The consequences of her polemical path during BBB21 are clearly seen. Jorge, the rapper's son, reports the scary number of threats he started to receive because of his mother's behavior during the reality. Jorge also revealed that he had to create a new Instagram account as a way to protect his and his family's personal life, throwing light on how toxic the cancelation culture is becoming. 

In another way, Karol seems more worried to show how great she is, declaring that during BBB21 she was "lost in her own personality". As a way to make Karol seem more humble, Lilo, her brother, shows their childhood. By that time they used to live in a small and humble house, surrounded by a far perspective of a better future.

Coupled up to that, some difficulties that the rapper faced during the beginning of her career are told. As a contrast, her ex-husband seems to assign the challenges faced by the artist to her not reliable way of dealing things.

At the end, the episode counts with Lumena - an ally of Conká during the game - participation. They were both cancelled by the viewers because of aggressive and nonsense attitudes. The participants had a dialog, asking for the forgiveness of each other, because they both pushed themselves to the edge, awakening the worst in each other. Lumena seems to be truly sorry, but it's really difficult to believe in Conká's words.

O pai (the father)

The last part of the documentary tries to justify unjustifiable attitudes that Karol had during the reality. As told by the rapper, some childhood traumas involving her father were awakened by Lucas Penteado - a participant that quit the reality due to the pressure of the game - bringing back memories of how her alcoholic father used to act. It's clear how talking about her father mixes with Karol's feelings. She described some moments she lived by his side, showing how difficult it was having an unpredictable father. 

Lucas was invited to talk to Conká during the documentary, but the ex-BBB refused. In a video reproduced during the episode, Penteado says clearly: 'I am not able to talk to you right now, but you need to know, Karol, talk to God, he is the one who is going to help you". 

The rapper shows a lot of regret while listening to Lucas' words. With lots of apologies and tears, Karol reveals that after BBB21 she is leaving "mourning", and making music is her treatment.


The article above was edited by Isabella Gemignani.

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