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Review: “Over The Moon”, The New Netflix Animation Movie

Over The Moon (2020) is an animation that mixes comedy, fantasy and music in the same story. Directed by Glen Keane, who works as animator in the Walt Disney Animation Studios, from a script written by Audrey Wells in partnership with Alice Wu and Jennifer Yee McDevitt, this movie is a colorful and powerful musical. Broadcast on Netflix, the film tells the story of the teenage Fei Fei (dubbed by Cathy Ang), who has a huge desire to go to the moon to fulfill one of her dreams for her mother who passed away. Her father got involved with another woman and intends to get married. However, the girl does not want this to happen.

So, she sets out on a great mission to build a ship that could take her to the moon, meet the lunar goddess Chang'e, who longs for her mortal soul mate, meaning that it is still possible to love someone even after she has gone away. For that, Fei Fei spends every night planning this rocket so she can travel. All the pieces she used are exquisite, with sparkles and lots of cake dough (because her family has a moon cake shop).

When she finished, she left for the moon and there, in a mix of emotions, a colorful magic took over this adventure and I believe that only you, watching the drawing, will be able to discover what she found there!

[bf_image id="pzkt6qkrbqjm98kv94pk"]

But know that Over The Moon carries a very important message about how to deal with someone's loss. It doesn't focus on adressing suffering or sadness, but on embracing the happiest and most beautiful moments of the life spent together with this person who was gone. 

In addition to it, the film's palette is extremely well thought out. With highlights always in warm and cozy colors, it reinforces the message of bringing to mind only the comfort and affection memories after the loss. 

Lastly, the movie initialy brings a wonderful ambiance of the chinese culture and its costumes. Although the film doesn't focus on talking about the oriental culture, it shows us some elements that helps us to familiarize and know more about the habits of this civilization. For all these reasons, I believe it is worth watching!


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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