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Review: How “Eleita” Jokes & Criticizes The Brazilian Political Scenario

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The elections are over in Brazil, but the criticism and the memes are everlasting.

In the distant — but not so distant — future, a joke leads a digital influencer to become the governor of Rio de Janeiro. This is the plot of the Brazilian TV Show “Elected”, which was released on October 7 of this year on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. The series was created by Clarice Falcão and Célio Porto, while the direction was taken over by Carolina Jabor and Rodrigo Van Der Put. In addition, the series has one season with 7 episodes that have 30 minutes each. 

Fefê Pessoa (Clarice Falcão) is an influencer who made a joke with her followers about running for the position of governor of Rio de Janeiro. Although she never really thought she could actually become governor, people elect her and she has to deal with the responsibilities and challenges of political life in a state without resources.

The TV show features some remarkable characters who accompany, help and also hinder Fefê’s trajectory, with a greater focus on some of them: her best friend Nanda (Bella Camero) who likes to enjoy life at parties like Fefê, deputy Netinho (Diogo Vilela) who tries to guide her in political life, and the antagonist Deputy Pastora Hosana (Luciana Paes), who represents an extreme right-wing evangelical.

All episodes appeal to a tragic-comic reality and to Fefê’s total lack of sense, but the series brings with it a relevant critical social and political commentary. Furthermore, despite its creator Clarice Falcão being openly left-wing in politics, the series jokes and criticizes both sides, relating to current political discussions.

Finally, in addition to the dynamic text of the episodes and the critical tone, the performances are believable and the photography beautifully characterizes Rio de Janeiro, a state known for its beautiful landscapes, but also a victim of neglect, very close to reality.

But is it worth it?

The productions of Brazilian series on streaming platforms have been growing in recent years with an indication of quality increasing, both technically and in relation to the script. “Eleita” is definitely one of these examples. 

It is true that there are some exaggerations that may bother those who are not very used to productions of this genre and that the musical tone of the series finale can be seen as unnecessary.

However, every Brazilian can relate to the criticism of the way politics is conducted in Brazil and laughs that are a mix of joke and despair are definitely guaranteed. With a slight reduction in exaggerations, the series is worthwhile and marks a success in Clarice Falcão’s career.

This article was written by Paola Costa and edited by Marina Fornazieri. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Casper Libero for more!

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