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REVIEW: Here are 5 moments from the second part of the latest Bridgerton’s season

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

This author shall say that the third season of Bridgerton was delightful. However, five moments could be highlighted, because there is nothing one loves more than fresh gossip and scandal. 

5. Michaela

In the books the love of Francesca’s and readers’ life is Michael Stirling, however in the adaptation he was genderbend and is now a stunning woman, Michaela. 

Some were excited, some were angered. Whatever it is, the moment in which Francesca and the audience are presented to her is truly beautiful and shocking – one could never expect that scene!


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♬ original sound – 「 ✦ 𝐊𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐘 ✦ 」

4. You Belong with Me

And, just like that, the Swifities won, again!

Personally, I read The Bridgertons and became a hardcore Swfitie in one year and a half gap, so, everytime You Belong with Me played in my headphones, I’ve always thought of the best couple of the series, Polin. Thus, listening to You Belong with Me in their wedding was an enchanting and magical experience. 


I absolutely love this season 💕#bridgerton #taylorswift #youbelongwithme #colinandpenelope @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation @Bridgerton

♬ original sound – 🐈

3. The Mirror Scene

It is safe to say that every reader of The Bridgertons’ books was expecting this scene since they read Romancing with Mister Bridgerton for the first time. 

In the show, this scene takes place as soon as they get engaged and it is so beautiful. It is a poetry dedicated to love. 

2.  Lady Whistledown’s revelation at the Dankworth-Finch ball

Colin is right next to Penelope when she reveals to all the ton that she is, indeed, Lady Whistledown. Nonetheless, the showrunners decided to give another meaning to that scene – and a powerful one: she not only announces her identity as well she makes an alluring monologue by herself.

Even in the 2020s, it is so important when the media shows a woman in a tough position, such as Penelope’s, dealing with it by herself without the need of a man by her side, as if we are not strong enough to handle things alone. 

1. The last scene

In the last scene of the third season, Colin and the Featheringtons are reunited in their living room with the sisters’ newborn babies.

But in the very last frame, Colin and Penelope share a passionate kiss in front of the window – the same one that Penelope used to observe the Briderton house. 

The article above was edited by Brisa Kunichiro. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Cásper Líbero for more!

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