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REVIEW: 5 standout moments from the first part of Bridgerton Season 3

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(With spoilers) The first part of Bridgerton’s third season has finally come and we, dear readers, are completely hooked. Julia Quinn’s universe with Shonda Rhimes’ ideas made this season a real delight for the heart. There’s nothing more romantic than a good period novel, so it was quite difficult to pick only five moments, but here are the best scenes from the show.


Who is she? Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), the emerald of the season. The time has come for Pen to shine, she had a major glow up! The makeup was more evident and the famous siren look highlighted her beauty, hair is now looser in hairstyles and curls are less spirally. However, the high point is her new wardrobe, say goodbye to vibrant yellows and pinks and hello to green and blue dresses that create a more harmonious look on her, highlighting her red hair.

The moment that Miss Featherington takes off her cape at Lady Danbury’s ball and reveals her new look is definitely one of the best moments of the season, the way she exudes more confidence in her new visual was lovely to see.


What should happen when a wallflower is thrust into the spotlight? Only time will tell, Ms. Featherington… #Bridgerton

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After so many lessons on how to flirt with someone in theory, finally came the practice.

When Penelope Featherington asked Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), the man she has loved since childhood, to kiss her, it felt like my heart stopped. It might not have been Colin’s first kiss, but the delicacy and sensitivity of the kiss was certainly a first for him. As for Penelope, it was her first kiss, a scandal for the time, since she wasn’t married to the man who kissed her, but despite this, she didn’t want to die without being kissed at least once.


Eu não consigo começar a descrever todos os sentimentos que senti com o primeiro beijo de Colin e Penelope… #bridgerton #polin #netflix #netflixbrasil #tiktokmefezassistir

♬ Essa cena. Bridgerton – Netflix Brasil


Another romantic scenario within this season is the one between Francesca and John Stirling. Chosen by the Queen as the “sparkler” of the season, Francesca is presented to the prestigious Lord Samadani, who didn’t cause butterflies in her stomach, but he’s not unpleasant either. The shyest of the family was approaching the wedding logically and not a marriage for love like the rest of her siblings. Fortunately, Francesca meets John in the garden at the Innovations Ball, both looking for the same thing, a silent moment of peace.

Just like love at first sight with a few words exchanged, the two see each other twice more until the most beautiful scene between them, in which Lord Stirling gifts Francesca a piece of sheet music rearranged to her specific liking. She is so touched by the gesture that she immediately leaves the ball to play it on the piano, one of her greatest passions.


Watching Colin’s jealous face is priceless. Bridgerton fans were dying to see the protagonist tormented by Miss Featherington, and thankfully their wishes were realized. The best scene is when Lord Debling (Sam Philips) interrupts the conversation between the Polin couple. The lord takes Penelope to the dance floor at the ball, leaving Colin gazing intently at them with envy.


How to describe this scene other than pure perfection? The chemistry between the two, which is already high, becomes surreal in the carriage scene. From the moment Colin gets down on one knee and confesses his feelings for Penelope until the last minute of the episode when he asks her to marry him, I was crying over this beautiful scene. Perhaps I stopped screaming animatedly when the scene got too intense and hot, then started crying again when he proposed, but now this author will not reveal more about her state while watching the series.

Honestly, I’ll never forget the way Colin looked at Pen, as if only she mattered in the world, as if nothing else existed and all he wanted was this woman. The actors deserve congratulations for making this scene so intimate and special, almost as if the spectators were interrupting the couple.

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