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Retrograde Planets: What Do They Mean and How To Deal With Them?

Have you ever heard about retrograde planets? If you did, you probably have thought it meant something bad. But, relax, this is not completely true!

In fact, the retrograde movement of the planets is just an apparent motion, because they don’t really change their direction. Astronomically, it happens when the Earth passes or is passed by other planets. Because of this, from here we have the impression that the planets are moving backwards in the sky. Even though what happens is only a optical illusion phenomenon, it can really affects our lives. According to Astrology, this process influences all the dynamic of our birth chart. 

If you want to discover more about what the retrograde planets mean to Astrology and how you can deal with their influence, don’t stop reading!

What do they mean?

The retrograde movement is atypical, meaning a challenging moment. This phenomenon brings back unsolved issues that need to go through changes and a lot of reflection. It’s important to understand which exact part of your life is being affected, so you’ll be able to reflect about it and when the planet return to its right direction, the energy will flow naturally.

This retrogradation happens to all planets. The duration and intensity of it in our lives vary from one to another. The impact of retrograde Mercury, Mars and Venus use to be very deep for us, while Jupiter and Saturn occur with less energy. Oh, it’s important to know that the Sun and the Moon don’t go through it!


Most people have two or three retrograde planets in their birth chart. Each planet. How, according to astrology, each planet governs some personal characteristics and social behaviors, when it appears retrograde in your birth chart, it may mean that you have some difficulties in expressing or manifesting the issues surrounding that planet. For example, a retrograde Venus can bring difficulties on relationships – which use to be more deep and intense.

How to deal with them?

There is no need to freak out, because it is only a moment of self-reflection. The potential this process brings is flexibility and uncertainties. 

To work things out, it’s important to slow down the pace, take a break and see life from a new perspective, so you’ll be able to open spaces to new opportunities and organize what is out of place.

In conclusion, retrograde planets are no monsters. In fact, they are renewing and can bring incredible changes that can make you stronger!

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The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso

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