Researching at Cásper: Meet Giovanna Quarterone

She spends a lot of time at Cásper, but she makes sure to take the best from it

Name: Giovanna Quarterone Age: 23 Year: 2017 Major: RTV and Internet Hometown: Säo Paulo Sign: Gemini Harry Potter's house: Gryffindor

Why RTVI? Because I always love to talk and have facility in it. Communication is very easy to me. My uncle did RTV and Internet too. Also, my father's friend is a Cásper Líbero's teacher.

How was your life in High School? I had a easy time in high school, it was always easy to me. Actually, since I was little I studied at the same place: Marupiara's school. My grades were A, B, C and I had some workshops too. They had an especial RTV and Internet space, were they would sip coffee with the classes went on.

Why Cásper LÍbero? I had chosen Cásper Líbero because I had visited a lot of colleges but Cásper reached my heart. Besides, here we have the most different and the coolest subjects of all colleges in my opinion.

Did you try another options? No, I didn't. Only Casper. I got in by the second list and I had to change my period for the night.

Do you like to study at night and work in the morning? Oh, yes! Today, I have no doubts that I am beetter studying at night and work early

5 curious facts about Her: - She believes a lot in zodiac signs  She has tattoos. One of them is the word "faith" on her arm. She loves cakes. She can't say a favorite TV Show because she likes a lot of different actors and directors. "Under the dome" was the last serie that caught her attention. She is allergic to pineapples.

Do you have something curious to say to me? Hmmm.  I love music. I like it so much, that I think I have my own life's soundtrack. In general, I like Pop and Indie music.

What is your favorite book? The boy in the stripped pijamas

Tell me about the CIP? CIP is awesome. As I study at the night I work since 8AM until 1PM. In November 2015, I went to Chile and I love it. It was one of the bests experiences of my life.

What your research is about? Now, I am monitor but I also have my research about media into Indian's communities because I started in February and I will finish in December.

Do you like this academic area? Oh, yes! Since the beginning of my research I was in love with this kind of area. The complex language and connections are fabulous.

What time do you want to work at CIP? I love this academic area, so I want to be working there during 2 years, all the time I can.

Do you believe that is some prejudice about journalists or radiologists doing researches? Yes. Scientists think they are the best people to do things related to academic areas, but I do not think so! I guess everyone can research.

Do you have any suggestion for who wants to start a research? Yes. You need to have time and dedication. If you believe that you will not put aside your job, ok. If you think that you will be lost, take care!!!

What do you think about your own development during the CIP?  I am sure now that I am a better person. One week at Chile was a big, big growing!