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Representation In The Beauty Community: 10 Asian Makeup Artists You Have To Know

The Asian market is one of the most influential in the cosmetic industry. A lot of beauty trends that we see today started in Asia, such as gua sha stones and jade rollers. However, the beauty community is still predominantly white and lacks asian representation, which makes our relationship with makeup much more complicated.

For East and Southeast Asians, finding the right foundation can be more challenging than you think. We may have a skin tone similar to white, but our warm undertone is what makes it difficult, since a lot of foundations make us look yellow or orange. However, our biggest struggle while doing our makeup is when it comes to the eyes. Those makeup tutorials on Youtube don’t work on us because it doesn’t suit the shape of our eyes. This leads many Asian people to searching for “tips” to make their eyes look bigger or even resorting to surgeries.

We shouldn’t have to face all these obstacles while doing a simple day-to-day makeup and it definitely shouldn’t interfere in our self-esteem. Therefore, here are some East and Southeast Asian makeup artists that you have to know and be inspired by!


Camila Sawamura (@camilasawamura)

Camila Sawamura is a Japanese Brazilian makeup artist, who posts a lot of tips on skincare and recommendations about cosmetics. Her makeup looks usually consists of colorful eyeshadows or graphic eyeliners, always highlighting her eyes.

Mei Pang (@meicrosoft)

If you’re interested in artistic makeup, you have to know Mei Pang, an Asian Canadian makeup artist. You will never see a simple look on her Instagram, her face is her canvas.

Chime (@_chimedolker)

Chime is a Tibetan Canadian makeup artist. She usually does very colorful makeup looks with focus on her eyes and, for each one of them, she posts video tutorials, where you can see that Chime doesn’t leave even the smallest details out.

Jenny (@t.rinluck)

Jenny is a Thai makeup artist. She focuses on artistic makeup and her talent makes her face look like real paintings on a canvas. Jenny incorporates a lot of nature elements in her looks, like flowers, animals, the ocean and the sky.

Vitor Goto (@vitorgoto)

Glowy makeup looks and cosmetic recommendations? Yes, you will find these on Vitor Goto’s Instagram. He’s an Asian Brazilian makeup artist, whose makeup looks often consists of highlighted eyes and lips with strong colors.

Steph (@stephs_monolids)

One quick look on her Instagram and you will be blown away by her talent. Steph is an Asian American makeup artist, whose page is dedicated to showing her amazing skills on artistic makeup.

Carolyn (@carorolee)

Carolyn is a Singaporean makeup artist. On her page, you will see colorful eyes and strong colors on the lips. Her makeup looks consists of glowy eyeshadows, graphic eyeliners or drawings, like flowers, on her face.

Kely Chen (@kchen.make)

Kely Chen is an Asian Brazilian makeup artist, who is a specialist on asian beauty and also a very talented hair stylist. She usually does simple but beautiful makeup looks, always highlighting the eyes, and talks about skincare, giving tips and recommendations.

Katrina (@whos.katrina)

Katrina may be young, but her talent is undeniable. She is an 18 years old Asian American makeup artist, who is always painted with vibrant colors on her face. The more you scroll through her Instagram, the more impressed you are by her amazing skills.

Jessica Hu (@jessiesthingss)

Jessica Hu is an Asian Brazilian makeup artist. Her makeup looks are simple, but it does not mean she is not glowing with her flawless skin. On her Instagram, she also posts about skincare and gives cosmetic recommendations.


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