Reading about Núcleo Editorial

Who runs the numerous hallways of Cásper Líbero University can always find someone holding on to an Esquinas (aka Street Corner) or a Cásper Magazine. Nevertheless, those magazines are not the only ones that Núcleo Editorial is responsible for producing, writing and editing.

Communicare, Imprensa, Cásper and Esquinas, are all works of art by 7 students who dedicate months developing. Then, we can watch the complete process of publishing a magazine, from the first content meeting until the coverage of reports and the last art design, where:

2 Esquinas’s: laboratory-magazine strictly written by Journalism students from the University focusing on a theme in each edition;

2 Communicare’s: a magazine from the Interdisciplinary Center of Reseach (Centro Interdiciplinar de Pesquisa – CIP) whose objective is to promote the exchange of studies about the Communication universe. It is often published several surveys from renowned professors;

3 Cásper’s: a compilation of culture, communication and current subjects written mostly by the students from the core and collaborators as post-graduates students, writers and journalists;

6 A Imprensa’s: internal magazine about the Cásper Líbero Institution;

…are made per year!

Beyond just working from 1 till 6 pm, the about-to-be-formed journalists work on every step of the magazine, and that’s is what make the ‘Núcleo Editorial’ so special.

“The intern, in general, does not participate in this process. That is what I believe is the great differential the "Núcleo" gives us”, says Guilherme Venaglia, Text Editor of Cásper Magazine until February of 2016. “I think I evolve a lot working here, my text was immature and I learned a lot editing texts for Esquinas together with Mariana – former intern”, complements Naiara Albuquerque, Text Editor of Esquinas.

“I enjoy a lot working here, it’s a peaceful environment”, declares Ana Clara Muner, current Editor and Reporter of Cásper and Reporter of Imprensa, besides designer. Felipe Minoru Sakamoto – Text Editor of Esquinas, Cásper and A Imprensa - complements: “The interns are very nice and competent. And it is a lot of responsibility to be an editor, if Naiara and I don’t do your job properly, the edition is not published”.

The students who work in the aquarium, as everyone at Cásper Líbero University knows the Editorial Department, go round and round to hand out an impeccable magazine.The final saying is off to the art editors and designers. Let’s hear it from their point of view.

The great window that exposes the entire team of journalists working is the reason why Núcleo Editorial is known by “Aquarium”.

“As Art Editor of Esquinas, I receive all the photographic material from the students. Then I divide which designer – there are three - will design which article and I help them. I also verify if everything is on board with the criteria of the magazine, all with the guidance of the professor responsible for each magazine”, describes Carolina Mikalauskas - Art Editor of Esquinas and designer.

Ana Carolina Siedchlag - Art Editor of Imprensa and designer - explains that the art crew deal with a more technical side of the production and André Valente - Art Editor of Cásper and Communicare - points out: “As we deal with the completion of all the work, it is our duty to send the final edition to the graphic.”

The professor responsible for making sure that everything is going as planned for Esquinas is Bianca Santana whose story with the editorial organ goes back and forth:

Bianca Santana, editor-in-chief of Esquinas and Basic Journalism II professor

“Back when I was a student I started participating on articles for the magazine since my first year at Cásper Líbero University. When I was at junior year, I became editor of Esquinas and that’s how I learned to properly do journalism. I’ve obviously learned a lot from professors and the amount of assignments, but the experience of deepen yourself in the laboratory organs of the institution is one of a kind. Having an older student giving you specific tips on your approach and way of investigation is wonderful.

The group of students working on Esquinas are people who has a previous journalistic experience, although some are in the first years of college, they all have goodwill to learn how to edit and guide the students. Our intention for the next years is that the vehicle undergoes into a makeover, since the magazine completed 20 years” says Bianca Santana.

The fishes at ‘Núcleo Editorial’ are closer than ever, they all proudly say that the collectively make them stronger as a team and there is no difference that would set them apart. Words from the former editor, Mariana Gonzalez: “It is great working with friends, it makes it all lighter”.

Dear freshman, who knows if you can be a part of it? According to Ana Carolina Siedchlag, dreams do come true: “I’ve always wanted to work at college since I visited Cásper at the Open House – event the University offers for interested on knowing the courses and having a tour inside the institution – and saw the aquarium”.

Guilherme Venaglia (Cásper's Editor until February), Felipe Sakamoto (Esquinas' Editor), Carolina Mikalauskas (Esquinas' Art Editor), Naiara Albuquerque (Esquinas' Editor), André Valente (Cásper's Art Editor), Ana Carolina Siedschlag (Imprensa's Art Editor) and - on top - Ana Clara Muner (Cásper's Editor and Reporter from March)