Questioning Modernity: Meet Professor Joubert Brito


Zodiac sign: Aquarium

Classes you teach in Cásper: I teach Media and Media Lab. But I've taught: Research, Planning and Market aspects.

A book and an author that you indicate to a student: "Liquid modernity", by Zigmunt Bauman.

Nickname: Joe

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Pasta (Spaghetti)

A passion: Traveling

An animal: Cat

A desire: Living on the beach

For how long have you been working in Cásper? For 7 years! But I’ve been teaching for 11 years. I begin to teach when I was 25 years old at the Cruzeiro do Sul University.

What wouldn't you do in an advertising campaign? I wouldn't make an unethical campaign. Advertising is information and entertainment, we have a responsibility to the consumer and the final public.

Which are the challenges of your profession, and the biggest dilemmas? The scanning and the content posted on people’s daily life. Nobody wakes up and will never wake up thinking "I would like to see an advertising today". Understanding a little of everything is super important in my profession. Sleeping more than 8 hours means I can wake up outdated in the world of communication.

Undoubtedly, being a teacher is currently more difficult than it was 20 years ago. In those days, the students were required to obey a logic space with top-down rules defined and with little or no possibility of argument or dispute.

Today, in the digital world, we have a generation of more questioners young students that are are bombarded by information, and make two or three simultaneous activities. In college, they have great difficulty on paying attention to the teacher's explanations, so they get distracted and talk more during class.

Why did you choose to teach? I was invited to participate in some Thesis Committee and also made a presentation at an academic week in college. Since I was finishing the Post-grad course, I could teach. I always had contact with ex-teachers, and the opportunity arose because of a risky pregnancy of a teacher who had to urgently leave her activities. I got the job as a guest teacher, organized the TCC projects, set qualifying banking and so I am until today. I’ve been doing that for 11 years now.

Can you tell a funny story that happened in the FCL? I was barred with an invited person for the evaluation of a paperwork, because I was confused with a student. A new employee asked me the badge to certificate my function, and then asked me a thousand apologies. We laughed a lot.

How is it to assume a coordinating body in the area of ​​communication? I believe that education wins a lot when a professional and human relationship with colleagues is established. It is a bond based on exchange, dialogue, the singular and collective identity. So I'm very proud to work in the advertising field. And it is for love and charm that I’m still treading so many career paths and accepting new challenges in the area of ​​communication.

What is your biggest fear? I fear the intolerance for lack of ability or willingness to recognize and respect differences in beliefs and opinions. I fear people that do not respect the others.

Why did you decide to specialize in media processes? I've always liked Communication, Television, Internet and, nowadays, not involving technology is something unacceptable. I decided to specialize in digital technologies and languages, because they demand theoretical approaches that consider the anthropological roots of communication and the power flows present in networks and in the relations between citizens and institutions, generating the media convergence concepts and the changes in the perception of time and space in communication environments, that actually influence on the media – the discipline that I teach.


What or who inspires you?

Listening and watching people are my inspirations.