Public Transportation: Where Everything Is Possible

Life of people who frequently take public transportation is quite more dangerous from the life of those who don’t. If you usually need to take the bus, train or subway, you may identify yourself on many situations here in this article, where some Casperian collegiettes talk about their stories while traveling by town's means of transport. Who never suddenly fell in love with someone while traveling by train or subway? Or kept listening to someone else’s conversation, and then, tried to understand what the subject was? There is no better feeling than understand everything that is going on and hold the laughter to not be discovered.

This “place” also seems magic once it feels perfect to reflect about life or listen to a song and carry yourself to a different environment. Not to say about people! You definitely experienced to be on the same wagon of someone who is very excited about a song, singing like there was no one else there. Or someone who cheered up during a phone talk. But that is not all. That’s just the usual. There is so much more...

If you have already fell in the space between the train and tha station's platform, and had everyone looking at you and maybe laughing at you: it’s ok. Because Julia Pires once dropped her phone in the space between the chair and the wagon walls. She has told that it was necessary to stop the subway circulation and have the chair removed to rescue it. If you have already stumbled or fell down the stairs it’s ok, too. Karem Nakahata fainted once, and after screaming a lot, she woke up lying on the platform with many people around.

 If the subway doors were already closed with you between it’s ok: think about Renata Vital who had her new long skirt stuck in the escalator and only got out with the help of a fireman… not to mention he had to cut her clothes, because no one got to take it off. If you already had to listen someone with no talent singing (or screaming) through the whole path it’s ok, Carolina Hossni witnessed a pregnant girl going into labour on a bus.  

If you ever couldn’t avoid staring at someone beautiful near you, who also was staring at you on the way, but you guys didn’t spoke a word… it’s ok. Marcela Roldão got a new “hand fan” on the bus, when a man asked her to take a picture of her nails for his website (about women nails). She let him do it, but got really embarrassed. And guess what? The internet page was true. If you already got sad because no one noticed you there, not even the kids you tried to talk to it’s ok, Ana Oliveira got so much attention of a beggar that he threatened her “I will stab you”.

If the transportation you were in broke it’s ok, Bianca Malfatti, while was exiting the bus, had her arm stuck on the door. The driver started to walk and she had to run with the bus, she started to scream until the driver noticed, stopped and apologized to her. If someone ever fought with you with no reason or even after you say sorry it’s ok, because Beatriz Baldan was confused with a blind man and his friend, also blind, started to hit her on the face while she tried to explain she was not him.

If you are sad about something it’s ok, you can have a Cinderella story as Giovanna Paulucci and meet a guy on the bus… after losing her shoes or receiving a note “You are beautiful, I can’t stop looking at you, could you give me your number?” or even have an unknown stalker who adds you on Facebook and asks you out. You just need to relax and enjoy your trip!

To lose your bus stop is ok, to play some game is ok, to fell on someone after an abrupt breach or curve is ok, to meet new people is ok, to make some friendships is ok, to read is ok, to take a nap is ok, to write notes is ok… The only thing is not allowed on the public transportation is to leave without having an amazing time and even better story to tell your friends and family.