Pros and Cons of Using a Menstrual Cup

Menstruation can be a little uncomfortable, mainly because we have to take great care of ourselves during this period. In addition, our hormones constantly change, hunger always increases or, in other cases, decreases, and our body can change, which for some people might be a little annoying.

Many researchers and women have found alternative ways to bring us more comfort during this period, such as menstrual cups. They are a more reusable and long lasting absorbent option. It lasts 10 years and can be used for 12 hours a day. This long time, in contrast to the others we have to change every 3 to 4 hours, is made of hypoallergenic medical silicone, molded for the body.

Pros and cons of using menstrual cup

Menstruation is a subject that not many people are discussing, however, many women have invested and insisted on talking about it, which brought great pros to the market and the production of menstrual cups, due to the interest in the frequent search for the product.

Another pro is the sustainability of the product. Its material and durability, as previously stated, are better and more practical than an external absorber, which takes 100 to 500 years to decompose!

"Using a menstrual cup for me is a great option. It is a more conscious and ecologically correct measure in the face of society and the world, of overpopulation and overproduction of waste, the management of which is devoid of the attention and importance it deserves ”, says Beatriz Collis, a 19-year-old student.

In addition, the menstrual cup brings more comfort at bedtime, collects more blood, reduces the risk of leakage, brings greater safety in the practice of sports activities, does not smell and does not allow direct contact with the blood.

The cons are related to the misuse of the product. If used incorrectly as recommended by the instructions on the box may cause discomfort - common for initial use -, leaks - are minor but if misplaced or improperly sized, may leak - abdominal pain - cramps increase due to incorrect application of the collector - and the price at which many of them cost more than 60 reais.

Menstrual cup: discomfort or comfort?

For Renata Valente, a 27-year-old new business executive, the menstrual cup is very comfortable: "you do not realize you are using it and this makes the routine more relaxed and brings a feeling of lightness".

As for Beatriz Collis: “A woman is not sexually effective or sufficiently educated, even the most informed have a hard time dealing with their body on certain issues, so at first I put the wrong cup. Even getting used to it took a few cycles, as well as a lot of research and a lot of questions.”

Menstrual cups come in many sizes, types and care. Before you start using the first one you see ahead, find out more about the product, look for people who have already used it to share their experience about it and consult an expert to see your needs and give you the most appropriate recommendations.