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“Polacas”: Grapetes Drama Club Performance

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

This is a story like so many others of women trafficking… It must be reconstituted! Let’s begin our reconstitution by the end. We are now in the twentieth century.

This is the Grapetes Drama Club new project: believing that the theme of trafficking of women around the world needs to be discussed, the group will presenr a performance based on the text “Polacas”, written by the author Analy Avarez. The piece intends to portray the exploitation suffered by Jewish women in the early twentieth century. White Polish women, who came from families affected by the gaps left by the World War I, used to be deluded by dealers: men who lived with the money of the pimping and were responsible for trafficking women to force them into the prostitution in Latin America.

Rosa is an Austrian girl, living a poor life with no perspectives in Europe. Then, Moiche, a man of business, appears at the village and steals Rosa’s heart, convincing her to move to Brazil to build a new life in America. The love story metamorphoses into a thriller, when Rosa finds out she was tricked and will have now to live as a prostitute in Rio de Janeiro at Riva’s brothel, where she meets Berta, a loyal friend; Feiga, a drug addict; Fanny, a  woman who would do anything to have Moiche only dedicated to her; Raquel, a dreamer with the freedom; and so many other characters.

Communcations students turn into actors for 3 days and are able to show for all Casperians the result of a whole year of studies within Theather features. This is a big opportunity to share among the drama group, that is pleased to perform a great play based on such an important theme. The group is under the direction of the actress Mara Faustino and Fernanda Gonçalves.

The performances will take place on November 30th (Wednesday), December 1st (Thursday) and December 2nd(Friday) at 9pm at the Teatro Maria Della Costa. Tickets can be purchased with the cast and has the value of R$ 15.

You will not want to be out of this, right?

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Bárbara Muniz

Casper Libero

Bárbara Muniz is a Journalism student and Theather lover. Half journalist, half artist, totally feminist. Hufflepuff placed, sagittarian and vegetarian. Cásper Líbero University's Charpter co-correspondent and editor-in-chief. Intern in a Brazilian broadcast channel called BandNews TV, where she works among production for newscast and social media.