Poeticizing: The Hidden Inspiration Behind Poetry

A special thanks to the girls who inspired me to write this text by teaching me how beautiful poetry can be: Giovanna Bronze, Laís Mello, Camila Brandão, Rafela Putini, Natália Barão, Luiza Bortolatto, Giulia Garcia and Cecília de Abreu.

Poetry is a way to get things off our chest

It is relief, structure, soul and heart

Put it on a paper give us a rest

Because it’s nothing, but art

To write is an inner need

A way to externalize our craziness

Poetry means talk to me

The world needs more dreaminess

We talk about what we feel

How extraordinary can ordinary be

That’s the way we like to deal

That’s the way we set us free

A poem can send messages in playful way

Even when it is subliminal

It is a space where you can play

Where words are critical

I could say It is a refuge from the world

You could say it is everything we allow to be

Poetry is what you heard and observed

It encompasses everything we live

Sometimes it is a scream

That exposes feelings and summarize sensations

Poetry is not a thing

It is about our relations

There are no rules inside them

We can use as an exhaust valves

It says who I am

Without taking any halves

Contrasting, converging or complementing views

We can give our own meaning to all

To read again after we grew

It is always there for you to recall

Words touch people in a different way

It doesn’t need many, to make everything okay

Sometimes we feel so hard, we need to throw away

No matter how, we just need to say

Everything can be used as inspiration

Study, work, home, love and friends

To express feelings that are not restricted to a conversation

In which we cannot be comprehended          

To write is an individual process

But it can perpetuate in other minds

Sometimes someone’s head is just a mess

And it’s necessary other one to unblind

Poetry is an art produced by feelings

It is to mull over big themes

To abstract ourselves from life and give new meanings

It’s not as easy as it seams

Our thoughts are our guides

To see, to listen, to smell is enough

You can get a ride

C’mon… It’s not that tough

A paper can be our world

A pen our imagination

If you try, I swore

You’ll be addicted to this sensation