Period Cramps: Don't Let Them Win Every Month

If you are looking forward to discover how to stop the annoying experience of having menstrual cramps, you are in the right place. It's very common for us, women, to face period cramps every month. Each of us feel it with more or less intensity and they can be really severe putting a crimp in a girl's daily routine. For those who don't know how to handle it without medicines, here are some home-made techniques that will help you going through this kind of pain.

1. Hot-Water Compress

The first tip is a simple and efficient one: when you start to feel that the period cramps are coming, you can use a hot-water bottle to compress over the pelvic region. In doing that, the heat will dilate the blood vessels, relaxing the muscles and softens the impact of contractions of the uterus, decreasing the pain. 

2. Have a Tea-Time

You can also have a cup of tea, which is considered one of natural remedy for menstrual cramps, because of its soothing properties and its contribution towards the wellbeing. To minimize the period cramps you can drink especially chamomile tea, ginger tea, oregano tea and raspberry tea. 

3. Choose Wisely what You Eat

Another kind of natural pain reliever for the menstrual cramps are the food we eat. Among them are bananas, tuna, salmon, kale, beet, oat flakes and also soya. They act as muscle relaxants and have the natural anti-inflammatory power.

​4. Take a Bath

To relieve discomfort from cramping you can also take a bath: it sounds unbelievable but I swear it works. The bath has a calming effect and can greatly reduce the pain. To further enhance its benefits and reduce intense blood flows, you can add lemon balm or chamomile to the water. 

Those above are the most easy and workable tips to get rid of periods cramps. Hope you don't feel that terrible pain anymore but if it happens, you can always take a look here.

Article: Bia de Cunto

Edition: Yulia Serra