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Outfits Tips and Ideas You Should Try For Lollapalooza 2018

Another year, another Lollapalooza weekend. Who’s ready? This year, there’ll be three days with amazing bands and I know that, if you clicked on this post, it’s because you’re attending to the festival and you wanna know how to get dressed.

Outfits Tips and Ideas for Lollapalooza

First, you should know that you’ll need to wear comfortable clothes, since you’ll spend your whole day (or weekend) there. Also, take a raincoat with you, because there is a big probability to rain at the end of the day. But don’t forget the sunblock and sunglasses for the midday!

Interlagos is a big racetrack and you’ll probably have to cross it all to watch all your favorite concerts in all different stages, so no high heels. Choose sneakers or boots.

1. Looks with boots

All this Indie vibe from Lollapalooza can be represented by boots in your outfit. The other advantage is if it rains, you’ll escape from the mud and your feet will be safe and clean.

Choosing an outfit with shorts and boots can be illogical, but it’s a total relaxed, casual and comfy look. It fits good with large t-shirts, croppeds or oversized jackets. Try combining it with a hat!

2. Outfits with sneakers

Sneakers are always a good idea. It’s comfy and looks good with every piece of clothing: dresses, skirts or shorts.

If you also want to combine practice and style, try waist-tying your shirt, even if you’re wearing a dress. We’re used to do this daily but I’m pretty sure you didn’t know it could be so fashion, especially when you can invent something new: a jacket skirt. It’s simple: just wear your jacket on your hip and button it almost until the end. Then, with the loose sleeves, tie them around your waist.

3. Extra tip: accessories

It’s not because waist bags are trending again. They’re really useful if you don’t like carrying heavy bags and purses. The fact is that you’ll only put the essentials inside of them and it’s easier and safer to use.

It’s good to know that fashion is rescuing trends from the past, so you can get these things out of your wardrobe and back to use. It’s a really versatile bag – you can wear a sport waist bag or a fancier one, it will always looks good – and it fits with all kind of clothing.

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