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One Year Since The End Of ‘Modern Family’: Remember The Best Episodes

After 11 seasons and more than 250 episodes, Modern Family has, unfortunately, come to an end. In April last year, the last episode of the engaging and comical story of the Pritchett family, with its three different branches, aired.

To remember one of the best sitcoms ever made in the history of television, we’ve separated the best episodes of each season for you to marathon and get to know a little more about this perfect TV show!

Season 1, Episode 18 – STARRY NIGHT

While Mitchell goes on a trip with Many and Jay to see comets, Cam decides to take Gloria to latin restaurant to bond with her. Meanwhile, Claire and Phil try to help Luke and Hailey on their school projects.

Season 2, Episode 4 – STRANGERS ON A TREADMILL

The Pritchett’s siblings make a pact to tell the truth to Phil and Cameron about their embarrassing behaviors. Hailey is trying to teach Alex how to be popular and Gloria forces Jay to go to his employee’s daughter Quinceañera – but they end up at the wrong party.

Season 3, Episode 22 – DISNEYLAND

The entire family decides to take a trip to Disneyland together, and each character is involved in a different drama. Claire is upset about Dylan coming back into their lives and trying to make Hayley see his flaws. Gloria refuses to take her heels off and makes the episode insanely funny.

Season 4, Episode 6 – YARD SALE

Jay and Gloria organize a yard sale to help the boys with a charity project from school. There, Many finds out a trunk that hides Gloria’s deepest secret. She tries to hide, however the boys are very insistent, in the end the secret couldn’t be funnier, another moment here Gloria proves that she is one of the most charismatic characters.

Season 5, Episode 1 – SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER

When gay marriage finally gets legal in California, Cam and Mitch are very excited since now they can get married. So, they start to think about the perfect proposal. Cam asks Gloria for advice, while Mitch counts on Claire. This episode is beyond funny, is extremely emotional, watching Cam and Mitch being able to finally be spouses is beautiful, the proposal makes everyone tears up a bit.

Season 6, Episode 16 – CONNECTION LOST

The way the episode is made is genius, something never seen in the american TV before, and got a lot of compliments by the critics, this episode is entirely situated on Claire’s computer screen. She’s waiting for her flight back home and can’t get in touch with Hailey. So, she reaches the entire family to figure out where her daughter is. It’s like we are inside the screen the whole time.


Alex is no longer the little girl we are used to watching, she is now ready to start her first day at Caltech, Haley goes with her to campus. There, Alex meets her new roommate, and they do not get along very well, which makes Alex reconsider her decision.


We know that no one is more excited about Halloween than Claire but, in this epic Halloween episode Claire and Phil allow Luke to throw a party, however, they realize that no one is going to show up, so, they manage to convince his guests that his party was the most popular one in the neighborhood.

Season 9, Episode 1 – LAKE LIFE

Jay is worried that when he dies no one in the family will have memorable moments to remember with him, so he takes the family to a very dramatic trip to a lake house in an effort to make nice moments with the whole family. The episode is very emotional, and the end Jay gives everyone one little special moment to keep, including us.

Season 10, Episode 14 – WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT LILY

Phil tries to find Pepper his new dream house, but it is more difficult than it seems. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch take Lily to an exclusive event for her favorite vlogger to try to connect with her, is not easy as they thought it would be, one more of the iconic Lily´s moments.

Season 11, Episodes 17 and 18 – THE FINALE

Not the funniest one, but by far the most emotional. In this two part episode we say goodbye to one of the dearest family in television history, and trying to control the tears is a real challenge.


The article above was edited by Marina Ponchio.

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