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All of the fashion trends start with amazing designs that are showcased in the runways of major cities. To inspire you to style new looks here are five trends that absolutely owned the New York fashion week of 2020:

Everything plaid

Loved by most and hated by some, the neutral and colorful plaids have made a comeback to the runways in unexpected ways. A versatile fabric that can create any mood from punk to sweet. Designers made skirts and dresses with a modern flow and interesting cuts, here are some examples of this pattern that never dies.


Forget boring sweaters! A sexy and witty take on this year’s knitwear trend brought colorful oversized pieces with daring cuts. An amazing take in a simple fabric that has celebrities and streetwear lovers fawning over.

White and clean

The minimalist and modern look is hot, so bringing back the winter-white look makes sense. Here’s a highlight!

Accentuating the hips

This year, a lot of designers bet in creative cut outs that in most cases accentuated the hips. Big belts and corsets were also an alternative way to display the beautiful feminine figure. 

Modern day tailoring

Suits a trend that has convinced us will never go away. What once was a symbol of power for men only, now makes a comeback every year in the runways and always with new twists. 


This article was written by Amanda Oestreich.

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