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No-Poo and Low-Poo: What You Need To Know About The New Healthy Hair Care Techniques

The terms “low poo/no poo” have recently become popular in the beauty market. We are going to explain how this new healthy trend will completely change your hair!

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What is No Poo and Low Poo?

No poo and low poo are hair washing techniques, that mean no shampoo and little shampoo, respectively. Its purpose is to wash the hair in a gentle or less aggressive way, excluding or reducing the use of chemicals such as sulfates, petrolatums, etc.

The technique was developed by Lorraine Massey, a hairdresser and co-founder of the Deva Curl company, who gained fame when she wrote the book Curly Girl – which in the Brazilian version became Manual da Garota Cacheada.

For a long time, capillary oiliness was commonly synonymous of dirt, which as  matter of fact, contains instead several minerals that are beneficial to the hair strands as they hydrate and nourish them naturally.

As a result, the cosmetics industry created shampoos with the presence of sulfates, in order to completely remove capillary oil. These are present in almost every shampoo on the market today. The problem is that, with the natural oil, the sulfates also remove the nutrients that the natural oiliness has, leaving the hair strands weak, dry and brittle.

The goal of low/no poo techniques is to clean the hair without completely removing the natural oils. For this, it is necessary to give up certain chemicals present in shampoos, such as sulfates, petrolatums and insoluble silicones. The difference between the two techniques is the level of tolerated chemicals: the no poo technique banes any aggressive chemical. Meanwhile, the low poo excludes only heavy sulfates and petrolatums.

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And what are parabens and petrolatums?

For those who do not know, parabens and petrolatums are very common substances in the hair industry. They are present in lots of products, but often end up being harmful to your hair.

  • Petrolatums:

Petrolatum products are substances derived from petroleum that create a seal layer on the hair strands, giving the false impression of health, softness and shiny hair. As a result, without washing with the heavy sulfates, this layer that wraps around the wires ends up accumulating and blocking the absorption of nutrients important for the health of the hair.

  • Parabens:

Parabens are used to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms, which increases the useful life of the products. These substances are also used in other cosmetic products, such as moisturizers, sunscreens, among others. The problem is that parabens are not very healthy for prolonged use, because it increases the risk of cancer!

No poo and curly hair

Initially, these techniques were created specifically for curly hair, because natural hydration takes a long time to reach the end of the hair strand. However, before it gets there, your hair gets dirty with the impurities of the environment.

So, what do you do when you feel that your hair is dirty? Wash it! Then enters the shampoos with their sulfates and other aggressive chemicals that, instead of cleaning only this regular dirt, also take away the natural oiliness. With that, that beautiful natural hydration never reaches the ends of the hair strand. The products allowed in these techniques clean only the necessary, allowing the minerals to hydrate the hair in a natural way.

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The benefits of No and Low poo

Drastically changing the products on your shelf and the way that you take care of your hair after years can be a little shocking. These are the five main benefits offered by the low/no poo techniques:

1. Fewer washes

As these washing methods do not remove the natural oils, the body does not feel the “desperation” to replace the oil, and with that, the hair takes longer to get dirty, which reduces its constant need for washing.

2. Decrease in dandruff and oiliness

Due to excessive washing, which is necessary when using sulfate and petrolatum products, the oiliness increases and creates dandruff. When we stop changing the capillary pH, we reduce this excess oil and the dandruff stops manifesting.

3. More natural and disciplined hair

The hair looks much more natural, because there is no aggressive chemical in its structure. Not to mention its natural hydration, which is as reparative as beauty salons, if not more.

This technique is well known for giving definition to curly hair, leaving them more disciplined and consistent. For straight hair, the benefits will be looser hair strands and more natural-looking smooth.

4. More brightness

Rightfully distributing the natural minerals, the hair strands gain a brighter air!

5. More economics

The math is super basic. Less washing and less product waste equals more money.

Cool, right?

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