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New Year’s Eve in São Paulo: 4 Ideas To Celebrate With Style

The New Year brings us new beginnings, new feelings and experiences. Even if you couldn’t or didn’t want to leave São Paulo you can still celebrate 2019 doing something new, fun and even unexpected. Here are some tips on what to do or where to go to begin this new chapter having lots of fun and a good time.

1. Avenida Paulista street party

Image Source: Prefeitura de São Paulo

This is the most famous spot in the city to ring in the new year. The avenue is taken by thousands of people that jam to live performances of Brazilian famous singers. Performers of previous years included: Claudia Leitte, Sambô and Latino. The fireworks show can be seen from any spot in the avenue. Either you being close or far from the main stage you’ll still be able to see the lit up sky at midnight. The pyrotechnic show lasts between 10 to 15 minutes and every access spot is guarded by police officers that ensure everyone can have a safe party. Avenida Paulista is a great, free option to celebrate 2019 and will make you feel like a true São Paulo citizen.

2. Bars and pubs

Image Source: Unsplash

The Brazilian favorite, a democratic place to hang at literally any time of the day and have a good conversation. I’m sure you have a favorite one where the craziest stories have been created and shared. Give your go-to bar a call to check if they´ll be open at New Year’s Eve and start gathering your friends if they will! If not, bars like Bar Brahma and High Line Bar will throw their very own celebrations. Maybe you even end up finding your new favorite. Whichever you may choose, I guarantee 2019 will begin with great laughs and a good time for you.

3. House party

Image Source: Unsplash

Living in a city as hectic as São Paulo sometimes asks for some inside fun. A house party is a great alternative if you want to celebrate without all the fuzz from the street parties and pubs. Gather all your sparkly supplies and throw a party your friends won’t forget. First off, put on a fabulous decoration. You can purchase ceiling and wall decoration at party supplies stores or you can make them yourself by repurposing Christmas lights in a more festive way.

The next step is food. You won’t want to be stuck in the kitchen as the clock strikes midnight, so make your life easier by stocking on chips, candies and anything pre-made snacks that only takes a heated oven to be ready. Oh, and don’t forget the champagne, that’s a must. If you want to make your party a bit more fun you can provide your guests some party accessories. Light up ones are always a hit, be them neon bracelets or silly necklaces. You can also create your own props with some wooden sticks and paperboard and you can get creative, some ideas are as signs with funny sayings or silly mustaches and glasses. The last step is the easiest one, turning on the music and having a good time with all your guests!

4. Hotels

Image Source: Unsplash

If you are looking for a bit more of glam, celebrating the New Year’s in a hotel party is definitely a great option. Hotels usually offer a variety of musical performances and food and drinks all night long. Most events are paid in advance, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your money or purse around. And the best part is that by purchasing your tickets some hotels offer discounts for or include a one-night stay at one of their rooms, that way you can celebrate and have a few drinks and won’t have to walk or commute back home at the end of the party. Some of the hotels offering New Year’s Eve celebrations this year are: Tivoli, Maksoud Plaza and Hotel Transamérica.

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