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New Chapter Of Justin Bieber’s Documentary Talks About Deep Depression: Know More!

In this year, 2020, Justin Bieber’s tour was cancelled because of coronavirus. Join this with many stories to tell, the singer made a documentary called New Chapter.

New Chapter

New Chapter is the continuation of Seaons, he brings to the world how he feels when he was Young to how he fells right now. Besides that, he talked about his wedding with Hailey Bieber, quarentine and the song that mentions his difficult phase, Lonely, avaiable on Youtube since Octouber 16.

The intention of Bieber is to say  that everybody is a human being been famous or not, everybody will make mistakes, will be have bad days. He explained better about depression, the suicide thoughts, the deep pain he feel for a long time since he became famous. Bieber wants to shows the importance of talking about feelings, specially loneless felling, how good is to find help, has people around who will help and people can look to him when needs an inspiration.

About songs that touch people

The song witch talk about depression is “Changes” was relasead in february of this year, Bieber explained that the songs tell about days that people felling good to do anything and another days that all they want is to stay in bed day. This is so intense and important to him that the name of his last album is Changes. “Lonely”, the recent song, tells about felling alone, feel empty. It can be a message for media too, telling that famous people also has mental health like all the society.

Justin Bieber: Seasons 

In January, before coronavirus pandemic starts, Justin posted a sequence of vídeos, like a documentary too, called Justin Bieber: Seasons. In the fifth episode he explained about his depression, addcitions on drugs, how was the medical treatment and other details of his personal life.

Ask for help, you are not alone

Until now, December, New Chapter has had over 7.9 million views. If you are curious now, right above are the documentary and the songs to listen to.

Depression isn’t fresshness. In descrition of Lonely song has a link for looking help, thats the activeminds.org/lonely.


The article above was edited by Amanda Ardigó.

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