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In 2020, if we had one thing, it was free time. So we had to get creative! And it obviously reflected on one of the things we love the most: Nail Arts. Quarantine made people able to experiment with new stuff and find so many new different inspirations on Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok, and it seems that 2021 will continue its previous year’s legacy in regards to keep giving us beautiful new ideas and trends to make our nails look prettier and more glamorous than ever. So take a look at some of the most amazing trends 2021 already gave us:  


Waves are taking over manicures! Serving vintage vibes, nails with wavy patterns are a huge trend for 2021, especially after the “wavy eyeliner” trend. They don’t require too much practice and can be done in various ways: monochromatic, multicolored, using pastel or sober tones. Any way is the right way when it comes to this trend!


In 2020, taking a different approach to painting each nail was a big deal and, in 2021, it’s even bigger! This trend is everything: it’s fun, can express your personality, shows creativity and it’s also really pretty. You can play with different colors, patterns, tones and designs. Use Kylie Jenner, the “Trend’s Queen”, as an inspiration!

Art on Negative Space

It’s easy to do, really fancy and cute. The minimalist trend only has advantages! Besides spending less time and nail polish, you also avoid going to beauty salons to get your nails done, respecting quarantine and social distancing, since it can be easily done at home, just using your creativity! First, apply tape directly to the nail, then apply base coat and colors around it, and it’s done. Geometric forms are welcome, such as different colors, but you can also stick with the classic white and simple lines, for a more minimalistic look.

Coloured French Tips

For a softer and discreet look, go with the french manicure! You don’t have to stick to the traditional white tipped design, you can go with bright colours, pastels, multi colours or even patterns and asymmetrical designs. Find a favourite that suits you.


Geometric and checkered nails can be a unique glamorous touch to your nails, which is why it’s so cool and one of the all-time favorites! Play with colors, add some glitter, just be creative! Ok, the trend might not be the easiest to do, but at least you’ve got infinite possibilities to mix and match the patterns and it’s definitely one of the coolest!

Letters & Logos

All hail Billie Eilish: the Queen of huge nails with logos and writings in it. No, your nails don’t have to be as big as Billie’s, but the trend that follows the “Therefore I Am” video clip is definitely in the spotlight. Use logos, write your name, positive messages or just any word you like, it doesn’t matter: it will look cool. If you don’t feel the confidence to write on your own nails (not an easy task), invest in nail extensions and stickers.


A super easy, trendy and cute Nail Art look! Paint each nail a different colour or use different tones of the same colour, maybe pastels, neons or sober colors, create your look the way it best fits you! Multicolored nails it’s a super bold but also super fashionable way to style your nails and one of the favorite trends for 2021! 


Jeweled and adorned nails are almost like an accessory. They are really bold and not discreet at all! But if there’s one thing they are, it’s glamourous and exotic! Use bigger or smaller jewels, different colors or stick to the classic silver and gold. If you don’t want it to draw too much attention, maybe mix this trend with some other one: glue stones to your French Tips, or make your negative spaces less minimalist with some pearls, maybe. Be creative! 

So, which one of the Nail Art trends is your favorite? Enjoy your free time and use your talent and, who knows, tomorrow you’ll be trending on Instagram! You go, girl!


This article was edited by Thays Avila.

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