My Cup Of Coffee, My Little Moment

What about sharing your cup-of-coffee moment of the day? Collegiettes have sent to Her Campus Cásper Líbero team their coffee cups pictures. Why that? Because these 15-minute internship break is the perfect time to spread our minds off all the work and dedicate, even if it is an instant, our thoughts only to ourselves. Meanwhile, we as a team considered sharing our little coffee-breaks with other girls, whereas we stand similar everyday situations, experiences, thoughts and expectations. Who knows us better than ourselves, right?

May we have a coffee some time?

Alana Claro, junior in Journalism, works with Corporate Journalism, and shows her cup of coffee and agenda. She uses her 15-minute intership break to check her daily schedule.

Camila Alvarenga, intern at Opera Mundi, is a junior in Journalism and shares with us her cappuccino with sinamon.

Gabrielle Vianna, sophomore in Journalism and English teacher, shows her big coffee cup and sweet little notebook.

Marcela Schiavon, sophomore in Journalism, also shares her big and beautiful cup!