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My Collections: 4 People Who Have The Most Different Collections

You must have already collected some of these things: books, buttons, stickers, CDs, toys, clothes, shoes, among others. Having a collection is a way to remember the good times lived in the places of dreams or with special people who shared remarkable moments with you.

These types of collections are the most common to have and we know for sure that many people have them. However, there are those who collect things a little differently, which are not very common to collect. So, I present to you 4 people who have interesting collections that you probably have not seen!


Julie Sophie, leaf collector

“I was very fond of receiving flowers, but the boys are never very committed to it, so I told those with whom I related that they could give me flowers from the floor. The one he found on the street. However, I could not make them live long. Although depending on the leaf, it can live longer. In that, I ended up liking it and influenced my boyfriend to give me sheets to collect and I also gave it to him too. Only that the durability of the leaves made me want to catalog each one of them to live longer. So, in addition to collecting, I do this, to make portraits with them. I have learned a lot to do this in art therapy.

That still woke me up in wanting to catalog insects! But I do not  know how to do this or where I can find an insect! Then I will keep with the leaves!”

Rafaela Vacareli, snow globe collector

“I accidentally started collecting snow globes. My boyfriend started to give me a souvenir of the places he visited. In that I started to buy from places that I went too. Today I have seven snow globes. I have Ireland, Las Vegas, Holland, Canada, Brasilia, Washington DC and Myrtle Beach.”

Maria Gabriella Nery, mugs collector
Cups Mugs Glasses
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

“I  think the designs of the mugs are very beautiful, so I started shopping. Besides that they matched with the style of my room, with posters of places I love and series that I like. So, I have a mug from England, the Beatles, Harry Potter, travels, Halloween and Norway.”

Sônia Shirley, collector of stationery

“In the 70’s I used to collect letter papers. What led me to do this were the illustrations that came with them. They were painted in watercolor and that was very cute. I was only about 20. The ones I liked most were the ones with two little girls and others with teddy bears that I put on the cover in the folder I made for them. It was really cool!”

Did you like these different types of collections? So tell us what you collect?


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