Mr. Go With All

Every time we create an outift, we think about a piece that makes the difference, don’t we? A pant, a skirt or accessories. But we can assure that the detail which makes all the difference is the third piece, so, that last piece we wear to give an up on our look, like a blazer, a waistcoat or a jacket.

For cities as São Paulo, the third piece is fundamental, since in most days the morning and the night are a little colder than the rest of the day. Therefore, collegiates who face either morning or night classes need an easy and versatile piece which allows them to be prepared for the weather changes.

Moreover, the coollest thing about chosing a third piece is that it provides a vertical line on the central region of the body, what get it thinner and elongated visually (perfect for the short girls). For the bodies with wider hip, the use of the third piece that cover it is a feature to get it lower visually. Practicality and charm in our team.