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Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House For College? Here Are Some Tips!

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Getting into college, moving to a new city, and moving out of your parents’ house… what now? As scary as it may seem to step out of your comfort zone, this new stage of your life is super important and you don’t need to suffer as you get through it. So come with me and I’ll give you some routine tips for you to ace this new challenge!

#1. Take control of your expenses

I know it’s tempting to go around buying everything you want, but the prices are getting higher and higher. You need to spend your money on priorities such as food, health, and house stuff. Every time you go shopping, think: do I need to buy this or can I save my money?

#2. Try eating Healthy

Talking about food and health, with little time and money, fast foods and frozen meals start to seem more interesting. And don’t get me wrong, they are delicious! But remember that they aren’t healthy at all and they’ll make you grow sick of it quickly. So it’s time to put on your Masterchef Mode and get adventurous in the kitchen. Ask your parents for help and search for easy and healthy recipes on the internet to try fitting them into your daily schedule. Also, a lot of university campuses have nice restaurants with low prices, which turns them into great alternatives for lunch.

#3. Keep up with your obligations

Now that you’re in charge, you need to take care of your obligations – including doing your groceries, laundry, and house cleaning, all along with studying and not forgetting to pay the bills. You can always make it easier by creating a routine and establishing a schedule to make your daily life easier. But most importantly: have fun! Don’t let your responsibilities take away your free time. Your studies are important, but life is even more!

#4. The Final Tips

Help! This whole lot of new information is too much for my head. So, my main tip is: if possible, save some money to get some psychological help and find a professional therapist that can listen and instruct you. It’s completely normal to feel out of place, lonely and confused in the first months. After all, you’ll have new friends, a new home, and a new life.

These cold feet will go away, I promise you! But with the help of a therapist, it will be a lot quicker. So whenever you’re feeling lonely, call your parents and friends for a video chat. The Internet makes communication very easy and it will help you a lot. And whenever you can, go back home. You know that good old saying: there’s is no place like home. It will be so amazing to see everyone you love again!


The article above was edited by Rafaela Bertolini.

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