More Then Just A Newspaper Report: Sharp Object's Review


Sharp Objects is one of the three famous books written by Gillian Flynn. She is an American writer and television critical born in Kansas City, Missouri. Known for her huge success “Gone Girl”, Gillian Flynn has already her “signature” with books with black covers and no images in it.

In this book, Camille Preaker is a journalist for a small newspaper in Chicago. One day she needs to go back to her hometown to cover the murder of two young girls. When her boss tell her that, she doesn’t like it at all.

As you read the book you can understand why she felt that way, and most importantly, you agree with her.

She has to deal with her overprotective mother, her stepfather and stepsister, who seem to be a normal and lovely family, although they are everything but that.

Moreover, the most creepy part of the story; you find out that those murders are more connected to the journalist as just a newspaper reports.

Gillian Flynn once more knows how to create an idea in your mind and, suddenly to shock you with the contrary. Therefore, if you’re looking for a book to shock your mind and creep you out, Sharp Objects is perfect for it.