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Mondepars: what is Sasha’s new clothing brand about?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Sasha Meneghel, daughter of one of the greatest icons of Brazilian television and pop culture – Xuxa, has launched her own fashion label after two years of research and planning. Mondepars was born out of Sasha’s passion for the industry. She came up with the name of the brand by combining the word “monde” (world in French) and “par” (to be part of in Latin). The brand’s idea is to be part of the world, to be conscious, to understand our place and our impact. Sasha carefully participated in all the details and processes, as the creative director and designer of the brand.

The launch fashion show took place on Monday, June 10th. With 36 looks, the debut of Mondepars showed a discreet personality with urban basics, and timeless items in a perennial way. Shirts, tailoring, blazers, dresses, trench coats and jeans were the main pieces on show. Rescuing power dressing in a softer form – sexy, powerful and comfortable.

The main references for the looks in Mondepars’ first collection are the shapes of Claude Montana, Yves Saint Laurent and Azzedine Alaïa and, of course, her mother’s costumes.

Versatility and uniqueness

The brand’s DNA is composed of a contemporary style with versatile and timeless pieces that mix casualness and comfort with a touch of streetwear. In an interview with Vogue Brasil, Sasha commented, “It’s the opposite of fast fashion, you value pieces that have good durability and can also give you versatility”.

The pieces on show demonstrated exactly the brand’s proposal and DNA, with straight trims, deconstructed shapes, structured fabrics and shoulder pads, a great reference to Xuxa’s costumes. All this is reminiscent of streetwear but with all the elegance and luxury presented by the addition of satin scarves to the looks.

The collection’s color palette remained neutral and basic, with different shades of grey and brown, black and white and a few spots of color such as lead green and red. In previous interviews, the model and businesswoman had already revealed that the collection would convey a lot of her personal personality, exploring the classic, innovative and timeless, while also touching on the issue of sustainability – something that Sasha has always held dear.

Even so, within a saturated market and a questionable public in relation to influencer brands, Mondepar’s e-commerce, transforms generic products due to casualness and details that elevate the classic to the special.

Sasha graduated in fashion from Parsons School of Design in New York, one of the most renowned fashion schools in the world. In addition to her degree in fashion, she did an internship with Lenny Niemeyer, which increased her dream and taste for creating her own brand. Before starting to develop Mondepars, she had also done some collections in collaboration with brands such as Coca-Cola jeans and the BFF collection with Bruna Marquezine for C&A.


Sustainability in fashion is important to the creative director, something she has always said she won’t give up. She always talked in interviews about making a brand that was environmentally and socially responsible, without many gender barriers. Even for her BFF collection for C&A, the garments were produced with 65% less water. 

Behind Mondepars, the focus is on developing versatile pieces that are mostly genderless – at first, pieces that will last longer in the public’s closet.

In an interview with Elle Brasil, Sasha talks about the search for sustainability within the brand. “The sustainable footprint is one of the pillars of Mondepars, which starts from raw materials, through partners who also believe and have the same concerns and values, either through smaller ateliers, you know? So we also work with it. It’s these choices within the fashion chain that enable us to be more conscious.”

Promising weather-resistant clothes with great finishes and designs, the pieces on the Mondepars e-commerce site are now available to buy. Prices range from R$230.00 to R$3190.00.


Mondepars was born as a national brand that brings the basics, classic and casual totally aimed at the public that has great purchasing power and wants these pieces and looks in with durability and quality. Instead of clothing from fast fashion or foreign brands, there’s a demand for a national brand.

However, it is still a national brand with low accessibility, the pieces have their quality value and the brand, like it or not, is named after Xuxa’s daughter, a famous model and influencer. The prices are extremely high for basic pieces that don’t bring the extravagance expected for national fashion. A blazer costing almost R$4000.00 is not at all affordable, especially as it’s a basic garment. Besides pricing, Mondepars still holds the potential to grow a lot in the market, but as a “luxury” brand with low accessibility.


The article above was edited by Giulia El Houssami.

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