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“Modern Love” Review: Love Just As We Know It

The latest release from Amazon Prime Video, “Modern Love” was, at first, a weekly column at The New York Times newspaper written with contributions from readers, who shared their own real love stories. It all started fifteen years ago on the newspaper, but four years ago they also released it as a podcast, where top actors perform the stories. (It is available on Spotify, and is, definitely, a must to listen!)  

The TV Show made by Amazon Prime has a completely successful cast, like Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel and even Ed Sheeram makes a small participation. This amazing cast is probably enough to convince a lot of people to watch the show, but Modern Love doesn’t stop there. It only has 8 episodes and each one tells us a different story, maybe this is why it became so easy for us to identify ourselves with, at least, one of the characters. Modern Love is about love in different ways and shapes. It’s about romantic love, but it’s also about friendship, fraternal love and, mostly, self love. It has the power to touch on delicate subjects with kindness and it feels like a hug, even when you are completely dipped in tears.

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If you’re waiting for a fairytale or a romantic comedy, be aware: that’s not the intention of the show. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a show that touches on subjects, such as mental health, betrayals, divorce, following your dreams, becoming a parent, or just about life the way it is, this is exactly the right place for you.

Image Source: IMDb

The soundtrack is one of the best things about the show and it’s responsible for getting us in the right emotion, beginning with the main theme “Setting Sail”, by Gary Clark and John Carney, that has a lyric capable of describing the modern love perfectly: sometimes simple, sometimes scary, sometimes going through bad weather, but always love as we know it.

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