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The Michelle Obama Podcast: Everything You Need To Know

Her History 

Michelle Obama is a powerful and strong woman, her trajectory shows a little bit of the path that the Former First Lady of the United States followed to become one of the references for the black community, for children and for the political world that today is divided . Born on January 17, 1964, in the city of Chicago, she grew up in the South Shore community with her father Fraser Robinson III, her mother Marian Shields and her brother Craig, surrounded by many family meals, books and lots of laughter.

Her first meeting with Barack Obama, her husband is one of the best moments of reading Becoming, an autobiography launched by her in late 2017 that in 464 pages goes beyond her husband 8 years in office at the White House, showing details of his intimate life that had never been the subject of media reports. In a light and very inspiring reading, Michelle tells us a little about her empowerment as a woman, the difficult loss of her father, the importance of the education that gave her daughters and so many other stories that make her admirable.

It has always been Michelle's dream to make the White House a more humane place not only for her daughters, but for all the people who have somehow contributed to the family's well-being. And for her, the importance of a healthy relationship with people at a time when the internet dominates our lives was important to create, propose and stand out as the United States' First Lady.

Today, almost five years after her last day at the White House, Michelle has been involved in new projects and shining away from a possible candidate for president of the United States that has already been ruled out several times. After the launch of her book, she embarked on a publicity tour that filled arenas across the country. With her, several journalists, personal friends and special appearances by her husband Barack Obama and their daughters Malia and Maya. The result of this endeavor was released as a documentary in May this year on Netflix and left us with a taste for more. And guess what? Have more!

The Podcast 

“I’m very excited to announce this new project: The Michelle Obama Podcast. It has been a difficult year and I hope that this program can help us understand what we are experiencing and raise debates with those we love”, wrote Michelle on her Twitter account.

In July, we were honored by the first episodes of The Michelle Obama Podcast, which in its first season was attended by close friends, brother and husband.

“What I love about these conversations is that they are issues that we all deal with every day - and they can take on new meaning when we are experiencing a global pandemic or seeking racial justice that has long been expected in our communities.”

In the opening episode, we have a relaxed conversation with Barack Obama where they talk about their daughters, about life in the White House and have a good laugh about their trajectory and discoveries. Barack confided in the end that he couldn't refuse to participate in his wife's project because if he did he would be in trouble. 

In the second, journalist Michelle Norris talks a little about the pandemic and the protests that dominated the United States in the last month in repudiation of the assassination of George Floyd and calling for an end to racism. With Dr. Sharon Malone, she talks a little about a subject that is still full of taboos, the health of women. And in the bedroom, we have a frank conversation with her brother about childhood and life in Chicago. So come on, grab your phone and enjoy the first episodes of Michelle Obama's podcast.


The article above was edited by Carolina Rodrigues.

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