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Men’s Clothes You Can Wear for a Cool Look

Certainly, at some point, you have already got yourself thinking how comfortable the clothes in the men’s sector seem to be, and no doubt you had a lot of desire to wear them, but by many social factors this idea was forgotten. However, times have changed, and now wearing men’s clothing has already become something extremely normal in the routine of many women.

Because of this, we decided to pick some of the numerous men’s pieces that are already part of the women’s wardrobes around the world and put together some looks for you to be inspired! Did you like the idea? So come with us and fall in love with these incredible trends too.


We could not fail to start with one of the darlings of all women: the boyfriend jeans, which is nothing less than a large jeans and with the lowest hook. It has this name because “literally” the boyfriend’s pants were stolen. Such a trend began a few years ago, mainly because of Katie Holmes.

TIP: usually use with the bar folded.


The straighter cut and slightly longer length of these pieces look great over dresses or shirts. The shoulder well marked by the shoulder pads, prints or embroidered details are trends that came back to the 80s.

No doubt all women have used or will wear such a piece that never goes out of style!


One of the favorites without doubts! Although they hide the body shapes, they can be very sexy, if they were worn in very short shorts or with a top or colored bra underneath.

TIP: when it comes to setting up production, remember that clothes with a more masculine footprint are usually lighter, so complement it with a fairer or shorter piece!


The classic men’s shoe model closed and tied. Appearing in sixteenth-century England, it soon became popular among Oxford University students, and later, its style and name gained the world. 

Over time, the shoe gained the attention of women and special versions, colorful, floral print or high heels.

TIP: they go well with any type of garment, from legging to short dresses.

Well, this was just a few options that could be part of your wardrobe from now on! So throw yourself and good luck on your future looks!

Journalism student, born and raised in São Paulo. 
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