Meet Nancy Meyers, The Romantic Comedies’ Queen

If you haven’t heard of Nancy Meyers before, don't lose any more time!

Nancy is simply the queen of romantic comedies, she is an american director, screenwriter, and producer. I personally find her movies the greatest romantic comedies of all, and I am the type of girl that simply adores to wipe the tears out of my face as I repeat those same lines over, and over again! Yes, I have watched each one of them a thousand times and I am perfectly capable of playing the roles, even if I am alone in my bedroom.

It actually took me a long time to realize that all of my favorite movies were written by the same person, and once I did, I became her biggest fan!

So, we have chosen six of them to talk about. Five out of these six were written or directed by Nancy, but the last one was the debut of her daughter, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, as screenwriter and director. However, Nancy has also worked on the movie as one of the producers.

Ok, let’s go to the movies!

1. What Women Want (2000)

Image Source: IMDB

This a very funny movie, and a very kind one! Especially for who that know our relation with our fathers or who else that has played this role in your life. It is hard to be a single father of a teenager girl and it is also hard to have a father that simply cannot understand what is happening in our lives. When Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson), a sexist publicist, receives the power of listening women´s thoughts his life changes abruptly and everything that he understood as the truth is transformed as he is being taught several lessons.

2. Something´s Gotta Give (2003)

Image Source: IMDB

This is a movie that is going to make you cry at one minute and laugh until you get a belly pain at the next one. It is a wonderful story during which you realize that love doesn't have an age, and it is never too late to meet the love of your life. The movie counts on the brilliant performances of the two movie stars Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson that, even on their ages, have an incredible work!

3. The Holiday (2006)

Image Source: IMDB

This one is simply my favorite! It is definitely the perfect movie to cry out your heart on an ice cream jar. You are going to fall in love and it will be very hard to watch it just once. Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black are the actors playing the main roles and as it couldn't get any better, it is Christmas’s Time! Amanda (Cameron) and Iris (Kate) are two broken-hearted girls who meet online and decide to switch houses to run from their terrible exes. What they didn't know is that their perfect matches would be waiting for them across the ocean!

4. It´s Complicated (2009)

Image Source: IMDB

This movie is simply adorable and it could not be different as it has its main characters performed by Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. It brings a story of a mature couple with grown up children passing through a divorce. Although it may seem a sad story it is completely fulfilled by humor and romance. It's a great movie, escaping from the cliches of the young couple. It is beautiful to see that love has no age and a mature couple could be as adorable as a young one.

5. The Intern (2015)

Image Source: IMDB

"Kind" is the main word to the describe this very kind movie! It is also a movie that shows us that women are no longer housewives, and that they are allowed a very successful career as men always were; it also shows us that it never too late to start it all over again or to fall in love.

Robert de Niro demonstrate that he has never lost his charm by the performance of Ben Whitaker, a retired, widow, old man that didn't let his professional life get to end just because society thinks he is just too old. Jules (Anne Hathaway) is a brilliant young woman that owns the company where Ben has now become an intern. As nobody gave him credit because he is too old for the market, he begins to demonstrate the intelligence that could only be hold by someone that has already lived a long life.

6. Home Again (2017) – (Hallie´s)

Image Source: IMDB

Is very clear in this movie that Hallie learned from her mother how to write a story with drama, romance and humor in a perfect balance. Everything comes in the right measure and you are going to fall in love with each one of the characters. Reese Whiterspoon plays the role of a strong and independent woman who has recently divorced and is moving back to her childhood house in LA along with her children. When a group of young and charming boys enter her life, the story becomes a very kind life lesson about how there is no right age for anything, and also about respect and friendship.

Thank you, Nancy! You Rock!