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Makeup 101: #8 Eyeliner Tricks For Beginners!

Eyeliner is the perfect way to make your lashes look longer and open up your eyes, however, mastering the art of creating an even winged liner is not easy. Drawing a straight line on your lid is one of the most challenging steps of the makeup routine, but it can become quite simple with a few techniques.

Here are 8 tricks for practicing and perfecting your eyeliner skills.

Look down and not forward

Place a mirror on your counter or even hold it instead of using a mirror on a wal. If you look down it will be easier to make your line more precise and control where the ink goes. Also, your lashes won’t be in your way.

Use tape, post-it or a card to make sharp edges

Stick the post-it to the outer corner of your eye at the angle you want. If you don’t know the angle that works for the shape of your face, try taking a pencil and placing it at the end of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye and to the end of your eyebrow. You will find the correct line your wing should form. If you choose to use tape don’t forget to tap the glue part to your fingers a few times to make it less sticky so that, when you remove the tape, it won’t hurt the skin. In case you don’t want to stick anything to your face, you can also use a card. This way, you will create a sharp edge on the outer corner of your eyes, then, just follow it with the liner. When you take it out you will have a clean line.

Make dots or dashes to shape your eyeliner

Still feeling unsure about the shape? Try drawing dots or dashes along your lid and towards the end of your eyebrow, creating a wing. Then, just connect them filling in the empty spaces. This trick can also help making your lines straighter.

Draw your cat eye with a light colored eye pencil

Take a light colored pencil, you can also use a wet brush with eyeshadow, to sketch out your cat eye. Light colored products are simple to wipe off, so you can easily erase any mistake. After achieving the right shape, go over it with the actual eyeliner.

Plant your elbow on a flat surface for more stability

If you have really shaky and unsteady hands, place your elbow on flat surface, like your counter, for example. It will help controlling your movements and creating a more precise line.

Wipe off the excess with makeup remover

Draw a freehand cat eye, don’t worry about making really clean and sharp lines. Take a swab and deep it in makeup remover, you can also use a flat brush instead and start cleaning the edges. If you prefer, you can also use a wet wipe and wrap it around your index finger to remove the excess until you achieve the wanted shape. 

Tip: start by drawing one continuous line to make the wing, finishing with a little flick, then, place the eyeliner close to the end of the line you just created and drag it inwards. After, color in any blank spaces and draw the rest of the line on your lid until it reaches the inner corner of your eye.

Start by drawing really thin lines

If you have a hard time on making your eyeliner even, here is another trick: start by drawing your lines as thin as you can and then make them thicker until both sides are even.

Concealer for fixing mistakes

If you accidentally slip and mess up your liner, just apply concealer using a flat or an angled brush to erase your mistake.

Hopefully these tricks you help you, but the most important tip is to remember that it is okay to get it wrong. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it the first time! Just keep in mind that practice makes perfect.


The article above was edited by Anny Caroline. 

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