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Lost in Translation: Movie Titles Alterated During English/Portuguese Translation

For the films lovers, a movie isn’t just a story or an actress, but all the things behind that, like the soundtrack, costumes or even the titles.

By the way, speaking about it, I was thinking: How the title of the movie can change from country to country. For this reason, I decided to do a list about the funniest and weirdest titles’ translations from English to Portuguese.

 So… Let’s check all the changes!

 (Title in English/ Titles in Portuguese/ Translation from Portuguese to English)

  • The Hangover – Se Beber, Não Case (If you drink, Don’t Marry)
  • The Sound of Music – A Noviça Rebelde (The Rebel Novice)
  • Nowhere Boy – O Garoto de Liverpool (The Liverpool Boy)

  • Meet the Parents – Entrando Numa Fria (Getting into a Tight Spot)

  • My Girl – Meu Primeiro Amor (My First Love)

  • The Godfather – O Poderoso Chefão (The Powerful Big Boss)

  • Airplane – Apertem os Cintos… O Piloto Sumiu (Fasten Your Seat Belts… The Pilot Disappeared)

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Bonequinha de Luxo (Luxury Little Doll)

  • Inception – A Origem (The Origin)
  • Silver Linings Playbook – O Lado Bom da Vida (The Good Side of Life)
  • City By the Sea – O Último Suspeito (The Last Suspect)
  • Jaws – Tubarão (Shark)
  • Saw – Jogos Mortais (Deadly Games)
  • Ocean’s Eleven – Onze Homens e Um Segredo (Eleven Men and One Secret)

  • Scream – Pânico (Panic)

It’s funny how a movie can have a lot of different interpretations and how each country have your own way to express this and translate for you population the best ways as possible.

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