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Long Hair x Short Hair: Which One Should You Pick?

Hair greatly influences a woman’s look and tells a lot about her personality. Regardless of whether it is short, long, smooth or curly, to keep it beautiful, shining and well moisturized, you must be careful.


Versatility and better adaptation to various types of face, are among the positive points of who chose to be a “Rapunzel”. While with short hair you’re not able to do large variations of hairstyle, long hair can be arranged in several ways.

  • Volume control

When the hair is short, it doesn’t have much weight. In that sense, long hair requires less brushing and drying time, because the length works naturally in favor of volume control.

  • Matches any face shape

Long hair is very democratic, because it combines with almost any type of face. The added advantage is that you can always modify something in the cut that updates it, such as bangs, pegs, and shreds.

However, don’t make mistakes: stopping cutting is not enough to have a healthy long hair. Over time, the tips are beaten and should be repaired, especially if there are double tips, which makes the hair weaker and more sensitive, preventing it to grow. Remember: the longer the hair, the longer it has.

  • Tips

Moisturizing every 15 days is essential, not only for those who have chemistry or dye, but even for virgin wires. If the wicks are already badly damaged, hydration should be done weekly. Ensure better results by investing in specific products for your hair type

Long hair needs special care. By having long strands, it usually tends to be drier at the tips and oily at the root, since the nutrients we have in the scalp does not supply the yarn.

Preferably, visit a beauty salon at least every two months for treatments such as cauterization or capillary plastics, which aim to give back the wires to the structure, ensuing more strength and softness.

Long hair usually gets tangled, so it takes a lot of patience to pull the knots delicately. Remember to never comb the wet wires to prevent them from breaking. Always use a square brush in the racket style, which contains flexible teeth that do not damage the wires.

Never hold or sleep with wet hair, as they become quite flexible and can break. The ideal is to remove excess water with a towel and then dry the wires with the help of the hair dryer.

To keep hair always beautiful even using thermal appliances, bet on products such as thermal protector, silicone, and repair tips before and after using the dryer or flat iron.

 If your intention is to make the yarns grow quickly, you must abandon procedures such as wicks, reflexes and smoothing, which can greatly damage the yarns slowing their growth.


For each face shape there is a more appropriate haircut. Those who have a more rounded face should give preference to cuts with straight ends. If the face is thinner, asymmetrical tips give a more modern and harmonious look. For wide faces, bet on shredded cuts with the longest front.

The advantages of short hair are many:

  • It highlights your traits

The short hair frames the face, giving the prominence it deserves.

  • It prevents hair loss

Cutting your hair decreases your weight, reducing the risk of your fall.

  • It saves product, but not money          

With shorter strands, you’ll use your hair products in smaller quantities, which will last longer. On the other hand, short hair demands constant cutting maintenance. The growth of the wires becomes more apparent and the cut loses the characteristics faster. Therefore, those who have short hair should visit the beauty salon frequently.

  • It saves time

Short hair is easy to tame and handle, can maintain its shape for hours.

  • Goodbye heat

The warm weather makes it the most tempting option to let hair short. By cutting it you will feel fresher and free.

  • A new beginning

 One of the benefits of cutting your hair is that you will be able to rid it of all the damage it has suffered and start from scratch with a new look with healthy hair.

  • Beware of increased oiliness

Because of the greater proximity between wire length and sebaceous glands, short hair tends to become oilier. Anyone who already has oily or mixed hair needs to be prepared to deal with the increase in oiliness.

The look changes are always positive. Dare to try new things without worries.  The hair will grow in a few months and you can leave it long again or keep it short.


Modern and stripped, short hair with bangs are among the main tendencies of cuts nowadays. They are more practical in some respects, but it’s foolish to think that by passing the scissors on the locks, care will be left aside, because in fact, they remain the same.

Bangs, in such cases, may be a good option. But first, have a few things in mind:

  • The bang will never stay the way you want in the 1st court

A hair that is not accustomed to having bangs will not fit in the first cut, keep in mind that the first few weeks will be very difficult to get used to.

  • Bet on dry shampoo

It has always been difficult to keep the bang pretty, especially because it gets oily faster than the hair. So, you can bet on dry shampoo only on the fringe to remove oiliness and give more volume.

  • Take care of acne

As soon as you cut bangs, your face will have more oiliness than normal, because that oil also comes from the strands. One idea is to always wash the forehead area using anti-oil products.

  • Watch out for frizz in the summer

The frizz always appears in the hottest and humid season. A good idea is to bet on the longer bangs in the summer and shorter ones in the winter, so the maintenance will be easier.

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