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Long Distance Relationship: What Is Like To Love From Apart?

You cannot choose who you fall in love with, or when you fall in love. But when you do, it is magical and beautiful. However, life always has a surprise for us, even when we are stable and happy with our partner. Imagine: he/she gets promoted in their job or gets approved in college and needs to move to another city. Nonetheless, the relationship will still continue, because the couple wants to make it happen. In this article, Her Campus Cásper Líbero will tell you the story of Maria Antônia and Igor’s three years of a long-distance relationship. 

Their History

Maria Antônia Anacleto, 20, is a Journalism student and Igor Copoli, 22, is a Social Sciences student, teacher and researcher. The couple has been together for almost five years. Before the pandemic, they were already in a long-distance relationship: “We lived in Jaú, and in our second year of relationship, Igor was approved in a college in Araraquara, and he went there and I stayed in Jaú. After this, we began to see each other only on the weekends”, told Maria. “When I got approved in college in São Paulo, it was rare and very difficult to see each other”, she completed. Even though both cities are in the state of São Paulo, there is a four-hour car ride between them.

Even with the difficulty to see each other every day or every weekend, both of them had no problem with traveling or staying away for so long. But since last year things got harder. With coronavirus, the chances of seeing each other have decreased a lot: “It is very hard to stay far away, because now I get preoccupied, especially with her and her family’s health. And I miss her even more because it is not always that we get to see each other. We do not have a driver’s license, so it is even harder”, Igor said. 

Keeping The Love On

Obviously, love and caring are present in their relationship, and in a very strong way. But to Igor and Maria Antonia, communication is key. “We cannot let anything pass from each other. We always talk about everything. If something is bothering me, I have to tell him on time and vice versa”, clarified Maria. Igor added: “We are always asking how the other one is doing, how the day is and keep each other updated about everything”

Something that makes them connected even from apart is the fact that they talk about the future. Their future together. “We create our plans and organize ourselves for future travels together. These things make us excited”, explained Igor. 

Also, Igor told us more about how they keep the love alive in their long-distance relationship. With the pandemic of coronavirus, they needed to stop seeing each other very often, and because of that, they only saw each other once last year: “Organizing and planning the trips made us and our relationship so good, because it gave us that ‘good anxiety’ and made us distracted from everything else that was happening. It also made me very excited and happy to see Maria.” For her, it was the same feeling.

Special Moments

Every couple has their good moments together. But there are also the “special” ones. To this beautiful and caring couple, they both agreed that it happened this year, when Maria visited Igor in Araraquara and spent almost a month with him.

“Maria and I never cared about extravaganza moments. We never really needed these for our relationship. We always prefer simple and placid stuff. So when she came to Araraquara we spent the day cooking, we would wake up and have breakfast together”, remembered Igor with a little laugh in the voice message. 

“It was a very important moment not just for us, but for the growth of our relationship. We created a routine that was just ours and spent each of these moments together”, he told. “And even if it seemed that everything around us was very bad, we still had each other”, concluded Maria. 


The article above was edited by Julia Queiroz.

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