A List Of 6 Podcasts That You Must Start Listening To

Podcasts are a fairly recent thing on the internet and, believe us or not, there is a podcast for everything you can think of, which makes it a tiny bit difficult to find one that  fits your need. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you! From comedy to pop culture, conspiracy theories, advice, storytelling andtrue crime, this list has it all – and you might even find the perfect podcast for you to listen.

6 podcasts to listen

#1 Imagina Juntas 

Image Source: Apple Podcasts

Idiom: Portuguese

Where to start: Episode #30 - Imagina Mamilos (with Juliana Wallauer) has as a guest a diva from another wonderful podcast, Mamilos. If in Mamilos Juliana lets her political journalistic side appear more, during her participation on Imagina she reveals a more relaxed and personal side, talking about TV shows, abusive relationships and her beautiful real love story. 

More about it: The podcast was born in November 2017 and, as its name already denounces, it talks about subjects of the millennial universe: cleaning, bad dates and travel are some of the topics discussed. From difficulties in academic and professional life to snacking tips, the publicist Carol Rocha,  also known as Tchulim, gives a feminism lesson in each episode and  also talks about her experience as a mother. Gus Lanzetta enters to fill the male quota and also talks about his successful career as a writer and communicator. And to complete the team, Jéssica Grecco participates talking about her life as an advertiser, writer and emo in 2018.

#2 Lizard People

Image Source: Apple Podcasts

Idiom: English

Where to start: December 1st, 2017 Episode “Jesus Was Married” with special guest Pam Murphy remains to this date as one her favorites, Katelyn and Pam will definitely make you laugh out loud in public.

More about it: Hosted by comedian Katelyn Hempstead, Lizard People invites a guest every week to try  to convince Katelyn that a specific conspiracy theory is real. First the guest presents their case and arguments, which is followed by a debate that goes back and forth between guest and host and,  at the end, Katelyn rates the theory both as how convinced she is and how much she would like to believe it. The themes vary from flat earth, to biblical conspiracies, reptilians and theories about celebrities. Katelyn is super clever with her jokes and knows exactly how to lead the debate – even (and specially when) the theories are absolutely ridiculous.

#3 The Teacher’s Pet

Image Source: The Australian

Idiom: English

Where to start: Episode one, for sure. You need to listen to it in the right order!

More about it: Imagine a Netflix true crime documentary, but in a podcast form. Produced by The Australian and with research and investigation made by Hedley Thomas, this podcast is about the disappearance of Lyn Dawson, which happened 36 years ago. Her body was never found. It is believed that she was murdered and, after all these years, her husband remains as the only suspect. Despite the suspicious circumstances of the disappearance, he still hasn't been charged with murder. 

This podcast brought this case back to the spotlight in 2018 and the whole thing is suspicious because, guess what: the husband was having an affair with one of his teenage students, who used to babysit their kids! And there is more:  he invited the girl to live with him and his family a while before Lyn disappeared. It’s a compelling story that no one has properly looked into  until this year and you’ll get hooked from episode one. And the best part? The last episode was recently released, so you can just listen to the whole thing and get it out of your system.

#4 Um Milkshake Chamado Wanda

Image Source: Apple Podcasts

Idiom: Portuguese

Where to start: Episode #164 - Date Ruim (feat. Maicon Santini). Nothing better than feeling relief that a bizarre story did not happen to you. Honorable mention goes to Marina and her stories about Milena and college parties.

More about it: The podcast Um Milkshake Chamado Wanda, or simply Wanda, as we like to call it, is commanded by the team of communicators Phelipe Cruz, Marina Santa Helena and Samir Duarte and  firsr aired four years ago. With Samir's silly humor that makes listeners laugh every five minutes, the impeccable cultural baggage of Phelipe's journalism career and Marina's whimsical stories and remarks, Wanda informs and amuses to the same extent. The team is great at giving advice, commenting on weekly news, giving wonderful cultural  tips and playing games with  theirs guests.

Wanda has a close relationship with its listeners,  called Wanders. The Facebook group ‘Pirâmide Wanda’ is an extension of the program and listeneres  have the mission to ‘’piramidar’’ (sort of convert) new listeners.

#5 Homecoming

Image Source: Gimlet Media

Idiom: English

Where to start: Episode one, it’s a storytelling podcast!

More about it: Produced by Gimlet Media and created and written by Eli Horowitz, Homecoming is a fiction podcast that tells the story of Heidi Bergman (Catherine Keener, who recently starred in Get Out), a caseworker at an experimental facility, as she tries to help soldiers, amongst them Walter Cruz (Oscar Isaac. Yes! Poe Dameron from Star Wars!), a soldier who suffers from PTSD, adjust back to civilian life. In the meantime, Colin Belfast (David Schwimmer, aka Ross from Friends), Heidi’s supervisor, urges her to just get the job done as quick as possible 

The story is told through phone calls, therapy sessions, voice mails, etc. But there's a twist: the timeline keeps coming back and forth from the time Heidi worked as a caseworker and five years later when she’s a waitress, which means that, as you listen, you’re basically dying to know what happened in those years. 

This podcast is so immersive! It doesn't sound like a bunch of people just saying lines in a soundproof booth, the audio is beautifully worked in a way that when a character is at an airport, for example, it really does sound like they're at the airport. The characters react to their environment all the time and you really don't need images to follow what’s happening, the audio is enough. Besides that, the acting in Homecoming is impeccable, it’s impressive the range of emotions the actors convey just with their voices. In addition, Amazon is actually producing a TV show based on the podcast, so go get you headphones and start binge listen to it!

6. Mulheres Ricas

Image Source: Apple Podcasts

Idiom: Portuguese

Where to start: Episode #13 - Ai que Sexualidade. In this episode, the girls speak naturally on this subject, sexuality, that is often treated with great ceremony. A highlight moment is when they quote the Kinsey Scale, proof that sexuality is not fixed.

More about it: We introduce you the Mulheres Ricas podcast, the most mysterious podcast on the internet. In it, three friends living that phase of the end of college decided to create a podcast to tell their stories as young girls from Rio de Janeiro, but without revealing their faces or their names. That's right, under the codenames Lô, Be and Ge, they talk about relationships and the trials and tribulations of young adult life. Each one under their own perspectives as a lesbian, bisexual and straight women. What if the name means they swim in money? Nope, but one day they might get there! All three used to have a Whatsapp group called “Poor Women” when they did not have an internship and then when they all started to intern they changes the name to “Rich Women” or “Mulheres Ricas”. The podcast has been on air for less than a year and a new episode comes out every 10 days.