Life lessons with Julia Zayas

Name: Julia Bocci Zayas

Major: Journalism

Year: 2018

Age: 19

Hometown: São Paulo

Sign: Taurus

Status: Single

Preferences: Boys

Curiosity: I love the sun. When I see it, I run to be under the clarity.

Best movie: Avatar, because the message is awesome

Color: Yellow

Music: I don’t have a favorite music, although I like the phrase "metamorfose ambulante" (from a famous Brazilian singer, Raul Seixas).

An inspiration: My parents. They are my base.

Are you an only son? No, I am not. I have an older brother, Felipe.


Julia Zayas is a freshman that loves sports, traveling and teaching. Meet the girl who lived at Hawaii for a year and went parachuting

Have you always had some kind of ability with English?Yes. Studying English was never a problem. But I went to Hawaii in 2012 and so improved my English.

Was it easy learning?Kind of. I am able to speak in public, for example. But I had to practice answering phone calls in English and some things like that.

When did you start giving classes?Last year, when I was at home studying on my own. I thought I would get crazy only studying. I had to look for a job, and so “London School” accepted me to teach a kind of a conversation class. They taught me how to teach.

Was it nice?It was awesome. I remember when I was at my first class and said: “Say ‘she speaks’ not ‘she speak’” and they understood me and repeated. Even if it doesn’t seem important, it’s such a big thing.

Do you like being a teacher?Yes! So much. It is such a responsibility. Today, there are people talking, reading and understanding English thanks to my effort…

Do have a favorite teacher here at Cásper?I really like our photojournalism teacher, Simonetta Persichetti.

Are you thinking about following the academic area?I thought about it. But, I was part of “Vem Comigo” (a television show hosted and produced by Cásper’s students) this semester. I loved the experience! I had to do everything, since the beginning until the end and I felt like I was really a journalist! I appreciated the result. Now, I guess that I will be good in television; it will be an excellent challenge.

And did you think about following another career option?  Yes. When I was fifteen, I tried Chemistry at USP (University of São Paulo) and thought could make it. At 2014, I studied again and tried again, but not so hard this time.

How about 2012?I was sixteen and this period of my life was dedicated to my foreign exchange program. I went to Hawaii, a very different place, then I opened my mind and could have a more refined English! In addition, I met a lot of nice people!

So, 2013 was your “teacher year”?Yes… and no. I gave classes and studied a lot too!

What did you make when you get your fist payment?I gave half of it to a donation campaign and the rest to my parents.

What do you do with your payment now?I am saving my money for travel! I put all my money in my last trip!

5 curious facts about her:

1- Her alimentation is very controlled. Her breakfast, for example, includes a green juice and an especial sandwich with fresh cheese, tomato and lettuce, all made by herself.

2- She was part of Palmeiras team practicing aerobic gymnastic.

3- Ju has a photo on Nikon's gallery site.

4- She already went parachuting.

5- As typical taurus girl, she prefers staying at home than going to parties.

Top 5 phrases

"Travel is the most interesting thing that we can buy";

“Nowadays I am glad that I did not get into college in 2014. Was a lesson. We never know what life can be”;

“We always need to have a B plan”;

“Some people told me that I have some kind of light”;

“I love to teach and I believe that I am a good teacher. Educating is a pleasure”.