Learning with Marie Kondo: Review on "Magic of Tidying-Up"

By the end of the year, period of conclusion of a cycle of studies and work routines, there is a perfect timing for reorganize the bedroom (and even the house) mess. When the semester is finished, holydays bring us some days off of work and college, when we can plan calmly the next year and find incentives to achieve the next year's goals. Furthermore, counting with a healthy and functionally organized environment can really help the journey of stablishing new targets, such as increasing college's grades, learning a new sport or ability, finding a job and more!

First place in "The New York Times" bestsellers list, Marie Kondo's "Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up" -- "A Mágica da Arrumação" in Portuguese -- talks about the Japanese art of life and environment organization. According to the author, using her method, you will only have to clean your suroundings as the first step to change habits. In a mix of philosophy and strategy, Kondo is a fierce woman who has studied the art of organization since she was a little girl. As time passed by, she improved her techniques of getting her wardrobes, drawers and shelves organized and created the magic method that entitled her first book. The main point that leads the organization of an environment is the search for happiness. When surounded only by objects we love, our wellfare sensation tends to increase so much!

Throughout this article, HC is going to list and develop some tips from the method KonMari for all of those who intend to get to the end of 2016 with the clean mind to start new projects. Check it out:

First of all, HAVE A GOAL!

Marie Kondo gives us another look at housekeeping. To her, organization is just a tool for a larger goal: to adopt a new lifestyle. As already said, tidying up the house is an opportunity to get to know yourself, define needs, detach yourself from the past with gratitude and decide to live surrounded only by what brings you joy.

Considering this point of view, Marie advises having a well-defined goal for tidying up, as this makes the next steps easier to perform and lessens the chances of a rebound effect. You need to visualize what you want and ask yourself "Why do I want to organize my house?". Not content with vague answers, continue this procedure until you find out that you are organizing stuff because all you search for is happiness.

A fixer-upper needs to be an EVENT!

A fixer-upper is a task that is going to change the way life goes from now. Many people have confessed to Marie Kondo that, after all new tidying-up course taught by the author, they lost some weight, felt lighter and willing to engage more responsibilities and lead projects. All of that is due to the effect surrouding have on people. So, is needed a day, or maybe some days, dedicated for only the tidying-up plan. After that process, life will not be the same anymore!

What makes you HAPPY?

The question is simple. Does certain clothes, books and pretty everything around the room make the person that spends their time in there happy? Every top, pair of pants, photograph causes en effect on those who interact with it: it brings good or bad memories all over again, and it can even bring nothing at all. Kondo works with keeping only the things that make the person that lives in the room happy.

DISCARD before putting it away

Kondo tells that keeping your stuff inside drawers and wardrobes isn't really the main key to keep yourself organized. Putting things inside boxes and specific articles for organization may conduce people to acumulate more. Before finding a proper box or place to save clothes, school notebooks, books and everything that compose an enviroment, it is better to select what stays there: yes! The first step for a fixer-upper is to discard what does not belong there anymore.