LAD Liposuction: What Is The Problem Behind The Advertising Of Invasive Aesthetic Procedures?

Tracing lines on the belly and lying on an operating table appears to be the new "trend". This is because a new aesthetic procedure started to be acquired by celebrities in order to change the body structure.

  1. 1. But what is this about?

    High Definition Liposuction - dubbed Lipo LAD - brings the finish of the well-known fat removal surgery to another level. This new type of operation allows fat to be eliminated between superficial muscles. It is possible to rebuild the entire body with curves, defined abs and spotted thighs, a type of sophistication that traditional liposuction does not guarantee.

  2. 2. And when does it become a big problem?

    Due to the popularity of the procedure, several famous personalities started to submit themselves to lipo Lad and share on social networks the whole process. In Brazil, the case of an 18-year-old actress, Giovanna Chaves, became a polemic. On her Instagram, Chaves showed pictures of before and after the surgery - images that included her body still on the operating table - and even published a humorous video to represent how much she already wanted to accomplish liposuction.

    In an interview for Her Campus, the neuropsychologist Maria Ligia da Silva stated that an individual when faced with advertisements for aesthetic procedures can have two distinct actions: the search for body change or paralysis. That is, at the same time that a woman can consume products and aesthetic operations in search of a different appearance, she may also feel omnipotent in comparison to the standard of beauty.

    Giovanna is not even the first with a famous profile on social networks that echoes the idea of achieving invasive and high-risk aesthetic procedures. Other bloggers and artists have already exhibited their molded bodies on Instagram and affirmed the execution of the surgery. In the event of Chaves, the young woman even shared the price of the operation, which, according to her, ranges from 37 to 50 thousand reais, not counting hospital and medical costs.

  3. 3. The effects of this new trend

    In view of these disturbing events, Brazilian actress Fernanda Concon spoke on social networks in order to discuss the problem of influencing followers to perform LAD liposuction. “[...] what is the phenomenon that has expanded with the internet? The naturalization and romanticization of plastic surgery and the creation of the need in people who would never have had it had they not seen it on the internet ”, he argued.

    In addition, Fernanda also raised the question that this influence is not accompanied by an alert to the risks of surgery. Like any aesthetic procedure, LAD lipo can cause some consequences such as infections, flaccidity, changes in sensitivity and others.

  4. 4. The seriousness of this in a country like Brazil

    two surgeons performing an operation

    In a study carried out in 2018, the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery found that Brazil is the second country in the world that performs more cosmetic procedures, with 16.1% of them liposuction. With this in mind, it can be seen that, in 2020, this figure should increase due to the mass advertising of this incision.

    "A person with low self-esteem does not accept themselves, they cannot see their image, which means that when they see a different image they end up charging themselves more and more," said Maria Ligia da Silva.

    Therefore, the continuous bombardment by bloggers or other famous people about LAD liposuction is harmful to the psychological of those who are affected by it. “It can generate a depressive disorder in addition to eating disorders. It is a very serious thing. I believe that some companies are already changing advertising, but it is a fact that they still exist and can trigger behavioral problems”.


The article above was edited by Amanda Ardigó.

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