Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Style

Not only do they have their own Clothing Brand (Kardashian Kollection) and a store (Dash), but they also dictate the fashion around the world. You can find what they wear in  several department stores – in cheaper versions- so you can ‘steal’ their looks.

Kim Kardashian

She is probably the most famous sister in the family and her influence in fashion goes beyond the family’s business Empire. She also helped her husband (Kanye West) develop a collection for Adidas (Yeezus). The clan’s middle sister can be basic sometimes, but it sure has a huge impact, specially combined by her full-on attitude. Usually, on a daily basis, she wears dresses, over the knee or ankle boots. Kim prefers neutral colors, like black and nude, but always gives a final touch on her looks with coats or oversized jackets and bombers.

Look 1:

This is a monochromatic look (typical of Kim): a moss green dress, a bomber of the same color and mooring nude sandals. If you are not into moss green, you can pull of this look by replacing it for burgundy.

Look 2:

A black body, black jeans, an oversized jeans jacket, transparent ankle boots and a velvet choker for a final touch. It is possible to turn it into a more casual look by wearing a converse all-star instead of the ankle boot.

Look 3:

This one is a bit more formal, but the essence of her style is still there: A super tight nude body, white tailoring pants, an oversized nude coat and strappy sandals. To keep it casual you can replace the pants for white jeans and you will still have the same effect.


The oldest Kardashian sisters has a more casual style, but still very sophisticated. With B&W and rocker pieces, dresses and the beloved destroyed jeans, Kourtney’s are probably the easiest to copy. We could also have Kourt as a good example of what shorts girls could wear, that’s why she always wears  short dresses, which can be a trick to look taller.

Look 1:

The older sister of the clan always keeps it casual: denim shorts, white long-sleeved body and ankle boots.The body and the ankle boots are trendy, besides they are great on fall/winter time. The shorts can be replaced by a beautiful skirt to give a more classic look to the whole outfit.

Look 2: 

Kourtney mixes several styles: The destroyed jeans and the rock band T-shirt are more edgy, but the scarpin keeps it classy .The destroyed jeans is a must-have on your closet!

Look 3

In this look  Kourtney  wears a  nude short dress and fringe nude boots .This nude dress is versatile, simple and stylish. But, if nude is not really your colour, you can definitely choose another, just keep in mind that the monochromatic style is the best aspect about the look. For a final touch, she added a dark green handbag.


Mama Kardashian has changed her style a lot with the rise of the family’s popularity and, currently, she dresses up just like her kids, not being afraid to wear short skirts and tight clothes. Kris loves the combination of skinny jeans, high heels and coats. Fur coats are a must have in her wardrobe. She usually goes for B&W and cleaner looks.

Look 1: 

The usual monochromatic look: Black skinny jeans, black fur coat e black scarpins . You can replace the fur coat for a black leather jacket, looking as fashionable as ever.

Look 2: 

Red dress and nude high hells were the Kris’ choice. The outfit shows how Kris can be classy with a delicate and young red round dress. If you prefer, you could replace the nude scarpins for sneaker of the same colour to create a more every day look.

Look 3:

White tailored suit.

If you don’t want to wear a whole tailored outfit, just go for a white twill trouser and a simple white blazer for a clean and sophisticated look.

Khloe Kardashian

The younger sister of the clan has now embraced a new life style, she has struggled with accepting her body for many years, but now she has a book talking about her story and giving body acceptance tips. Koko’s style is simple, but she knows how to work with her body and her curves, specially when it comes to denim.

Look 1

Khloe kardashian wears: Destroyed jeans, nude stretch coat, nude pumps and a Panama hat. You can replace the coat for a kimono.

Look 2:

A summer look: high waisted denim shorts nude body, military green parka and moss green over the knee boots. You can also replace the parka for a flannel shirt.

Look 3:

Koko wore a white dress and white sandals. If you don’t feel like something so tight is comfortable for you, you can wear a denim shirt  around your waist.